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August 18, 2022
Our Speakers this week are Erik Erazo and Jean Cantero Segura. The topic is "Helping Kids Succeed with Lowrider Bike Club."
How a Mechanic Became a Top Johnson County School Leader and Changed Kids’ Lives
Originally from California, Erik Erazo enlisted in the United States Army after earning his high school diploma. Erazo started at Olathe North High School more than 18 years ago and was inspired to further his education. Soon after, he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.
As featured in the Kansas City Star cover story February 23, 2022:
Erik Erazo, hair slicked back, tattoos peeking out from under his rolled-up shirtsleeves, surveys the Olathe garage, filled with teens clinking wrenches and adjusting tall handlebars.
To the side is their finished work: lowrider bikes embellished with velvet banana seats, metallic paint and intricately twisted metal, each worth as much as $5,000. “It’s essentially art therapy… (but don’t tell the kids)”.
At one time, Erazo, a California-bred mechanic, was very much like these high schoolers. The child of Guatemalan immigrants, he struggled to embrace his identity while straddling two cultures. A teen dad, he was labelled a troubled kid at risk of dropping out of school.
But today, he has worked his way up from serving as a school security officer to becoming one of the top administrators in the Olathe school district. Through his perspective he has created programs- like his low rider bike club- that have transformed the lives of dozens of students, while helping to reshape the community they live in. As a result, every single participant has gone on to graduate, a far higher rate than is typical for at-risk students.
His two flagship programs are the Olathe Leadership Lowrider Bike Club and The Spot which target at-risk youth by providing mentorship and encourages students to maintain personal identities while removing negative activities.
Erazo serves on multiple community boards and received the 2013 Olathe Human Relations Educator Award,  the 2017 Olathe Public Schools Emporia State University Master Teacher Award, the 2019 City of Olathe Cathedral Builder Award and the 2021 NCAAP Hero for Diversity Award.
Jean Cantero - Student and Family Support Specialist, Department of Student & Community Engagement
An alumnus of the Olathe School District, Jean Cantero supports students and families from cultural backgrounds and underserved needs with programming and support across the district. Cantero brings years of experience in providing students with guidance on navigating post-secondary institutions and accessing area resources.
Cantero attended school in Olathe from kindergarten through high school, graduating in 2013 from Olathe South High School. As a first-generation college graduate, Cantero has an understanding of the barriers student face in their academic journey and how to best overcome these challenges. After earning his undergraduate degree, Cantero began working in college admissions to advocate for students striving to continue their education. Additionally, his experience includes advising students on scholarship access and collegiate resources. Cantero serves on multiple committees and is a member of the Olathe Family YMCA Community Mission Board.
Cantero holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Instructional Design & Technology, both from Emporia State University.
Last Week's Meeting
August 11, 2022
President, Eric Bubb enthusiastically called the meeting to order. Jan Armstrong provided us with the meeting’s invocation, with a very moving poem. Our Greeters were the Club 13 August  birthday members.
Club  Anniversaries:John Herron  (2 yrs,  August 11thPhilip Cole  (3 yrs August 12th)
Sick Bay - Great news --  nobody !!
Vocational Minute with Eric Bubb interviewing Nick Pryor with the Kansas City Southern Railroad. Eric is involved in all KCSR matters involving the environment. KCSR will be merging with the Canadian Pacific RR.  KCSR & CPRR were the two smallest of the Class I Railroads. This shrinks the Class I group down to six and there will probably be no more railroad consolidations allowed hereafter. KCSR and railroads in general are “de-carbonizing” as part of railroads’ transformation.  Advice to the Next Generation:  Always ask questions;  Have a Positive Attitude and Get the necessary Education.
Rotary After Hours: Wednesday 8/17Rock Island Bridge tour from  5 pm to 7 pm (parking lot opens at 4:45pm), followed by drinks & dinner at the Golden Ox [but must respond to Mandy by noon Monday for a dinner headcount], all in the west bottoms.
Mark your calendars for a Guest Day on September 8th – our guest speaker will be Jerry Seib, former columnist with the Wall Street Journal – his topic will be “The Genius of American Democracy”.
  Upcoming Events  --  Save the Date
9/24 -- Monarch Boxcar/60,000 Tree Challenge event at Union Station – 1:00 to 4:00
9/27 – Rotary After Hours at the KC Zoo 4:00 to 7:00, dinner at 6 pm at the Tropic Tent
10/23 – Pickleball Fundraiser for Shoes for Orphan Souls.
President, Eric Bubb, introduced our speaker, Ron Johnson, co-founder [with Dr Linda Heitzman-Powell of the KU] & director of the KC Autism Training Center as its original & IRC 5012 (C)(3) name and operating as the Astra Day School (to avoid a stigma for graduates). It is estimated that 1 in 44 children are somewhere on the autism spectrum and 4 times as many boys have it versus girls. It is referred to as the “spectrum” because the level of challenges range greatly from difficulty with speaking and maintaining eye to eye contact to severe headbanging antisocial behavior.  As a “spectrum” disorder there is no single exact set of manifestations.  Autism is considered a neurological ailment with no absolute “cure”. It is not a strictly physical – medical malady that could be fixed with a pill.  But with psychological therapy it can be helped. 
Program History: Ron’s and the KCATC’s history began when Ron’s son was 30 months old and was beginning to show signs of autism (primarily that he was not speaking). Ron met with individuals at the KU Psychology Department. Ron, Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell and the KU Psychology Department developed or enhanced the Applied Behavior Analysis program to assist those persons on the autism spectrum. KCATC provides evidence based treatment with its Applied Behavior Analysis program(s). For the lesser intensive autism spectrum, the program has helped young boys (mainly) be able to communicate and socially interact to a greater extent, even being able to attend regular public schools and play on school sports teams without anyone noting any difference.
Facilities’ History: KCATC’s path of growth started with one building at 75th & Mission, a former church, in March of 2006, with one child and one teacher. By yearend they had 9 children enrolled.  A Kaufman Center person had a grandson with autism and was helpful throughout the successful grant process. Having grown, they more space and again found a former church at 46th & Roe. By 2015, KCATC again needed more space.  And again (you guessed it) they found a church, the Red Bridge Methodist Church which with its congregation shrinking from 300 to 30 families, listed their building (22,000 sq ft & 7 acres) for sale.  KCATC was very interested in acquiring the property but could not imagine how they could financially do it.   When Ron asked what the congregation planning on doing with the proceeds, the Church answered that they intended to donate the proceeds to charity.   WELL, KCATC suggested instead that the Church could donate the building and grounds to KCATC, an IRC 501c3 entity with a compelling story.  And after some soul searching, the church did just that. KCATC paid the realtor’s their “commission” and another $1.6 million were spent on renovations.  
KCATC now provides services to 25 kids and could handle twice as many, but they don’t have the trained staff. KCATC must now compete with for-profit entities for those staff members. KCATC has a fundraising Gala coming up on Saturday August 20th at “The 28 Event Space (1300 W. 28th Street, KCMO  64108)” with showtime at 6 pm with Cocktails, Dinner, Dancing, and Silent Auction. Tickets can be bought at KCATC.ORG/ANNUAL_GALA.
The Quote of the Day: "Education is the movement from darkness to light." Allan Bloom
President Eric Bubb wrapped up the meeting with the Four Way Test.
[ as an ongoing scrivener’s note: our local Club 13 Rotary organization has at least three main legs (like a three legged stool) KCRClub 13 with its various committees; KCRCFoundation, (primarily to support the Rotary Youth Camp); and the Rotary Youth Camp, [each with its own separate board].
Also: our Rotary Youth Camp is the oldest continuing Rotary project in the world !!
We meet Thursdays at Noon
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Aug 25, 2022
“Attracting and Retaining Good Employees – How to Build a Healthy, High-Performance Culture.”
Sep 01, 2022
"The Importance, Opportunities and Challenges of Youth Sports"
Sep 08, 2022
The Genius of American Democracy
Sep 15, 2022
District Governor Official Visit
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Fellow Rotarians:
Thanks for your many kindnesses. When he was President, Denny closed every meeting with "We want to see you next Thursday. When you aren't here, Rotary isn't the same without you." And now without Denny...

Monarch Instars
A monarch caterpillar eats its way through life, eventually growing to 2,000 times its original mass! After hatching from a tiny egg about the size of the tip of your pencil, monarch caterpillars go through five stages called “instars”. They grow bigger and molt, or shed their skin, between each phase. Monarchs spend about 10-14 days as a caterpillar, eating only milkweed (and the occasional molted skin).
The Monarch Butterfly Boxcar Relay event will be in Kansas City at Union Station on Saturday, September 24th! 

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