Posted on Feb 10, 2020
February 13, 2020
Spouse's Day Luncheon
This week's speaker is Josh Goralski, Founder & CEO, Unlocking Communities. The topic is "Empowering Haitians Through Entrepreneurial Ventures."
Josh Goralski, founder and CEO of Unlocking Communities, holds an MA from Loyola University Chicago and a BSBA from Rockhurst University. As part of his studies, Josh created Unlocking Communities, a social enterprise whose mission is to empower individuals and communities in Haiti to unlock their economic potential through entrepreneurial ventures. The organization achieves its mission by training aspiring Haitian entrepreneurs in business essentials and giving them access to resilient, in-demand, cost-saving, and environmentally-friendly products, like water filters and stoves that can be sold for commission. 
Before embarking on his master’s to examine the structural roots of poverty and the possibilities of social enterprises he spent three years at YMCA of the USA overseeing a change in national data collection strategies from 2,600 locations and leading innovation initiatives. Concurrently, he also consults with various local, regional and international nonprofits providing consultation on operations and strategic planning. Josh is an active member of Old St. Pat’s church where he is involved in various social justice ministries. Josh’s proximity to suffering began at an early age with his father’s incurable illness and led to him giving his Dad the gift of life through a kidney donation in 2011. He has been to Haiti 17 times. When Josh needs an escape, you can find him running!