December 12, 2019
Our Speaker this week is Misty Honnold, Founder/President, Mountain of Myrrh Ministry (M.O.M.). Her topic is "The Single Mom at Christmas."
Misty Honnold is the President and Founder of the international organization Mountain of Myrrh Ministry (M.O.M.). She has been the Visionary Leader of the local expression of M.O.M., The Single MOM KC. As a single mother of four, her greatest life work has been loving and leading her family well. Because of her parenting experience and community engagement, churches, organizations, and other single mothers have consistently sought Misty out for discipleship, advice, and inspiration.

Compelled by the unique challenges that being a single parent presents, she founded Mountain of Myrrh in 2009 to professionally assist single mothers and their surrounding communities. Since that time, she has traveled domestically and internationally to train, teach, and equip churches and communities to love and aide single mothers. She has developed an effective discipleship program for single mothers in the greater Kansas City area, instructing hundreds of mothers in areas of financial responsibility, spiritual growth, community involvement, and parenting. In addition, she is currently developing curriculum to aid women in leading small groups for single mothers and developing a network of church and community partnerships in the Greater Kansas City Area to partner in the endeavor to raise up healthy families. 

Misty’s own challenges as a single mother have equipped her to offer encouragement, hope, and resources to other single mothers, and she acts as an advocate as communities and single-parent families learn to love and serve one another. 

Misty’s wisdom and experience is accessible through podcasts, articles, and websites.