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This Week's Meeting
October 7, 2021
This week's Speaker is Jason Harrington, Rif Raf Giraffe. His topic will be "Creating Sprayseemo, a Mural Festival in the Crossroads."
Jason Harrington, artist’s moniker Rif Raf Giraffe, was born and raised in Kansas City. He attended college at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lived in the city for a decade. He returned home in 2013 and settled into the Crossroads neighborhood where he began his mural painting career. After several commissions and solo gallery shows, he started to traveling to other cities to work. In 2015 he went to the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami for the first time and was inspired by what a neighborhood full of colorful murals could bring to a community. In 2017 he and his wife Ami organized the first of their mural festivals in the Crossroads, five years later Sprayseemo has put up 150 murals in KC, has a sister festival in Miami, and expanded to Los Angeles this year. Along the way he has continued his prolific art career working with high profile clients, and painting in cities halfway across the globe traveling with his wife by his side.

We will be meeting in person this week at the Gallery, however a Zoom link for this meeting will be emailed to members who cannot attend in person. If you would like to visit as a guest, please email Executive Director Mandy Sheldon.

Please continue to check our Facebook page and for updates.
Last Week's Meeting
September 30, 2021
President Tony Andresen called the meeting to order, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and  provided our Invocation prayer. We thanked members of our Nominating Committee for Greeting (The Committee includes David Hanzlick, Kara Bennett, Joe Privitera, David McCaughey, Peter Ho, Joan Caulfield, Rick Hughes, Robert Thompson and Martha Voight). Guests and members attending on Zoom were welcomed.
Michelle  Biondo  - 5  years – September 28; Bill Gray- 26 years – September 28Lee Brumitt  - 22  years – September 30thLinn Mills - 6 years – September 30th   
New Member Induction/Introduction  by Jared Campbell and Joe Privitera.  The following new members were introduced:
Kristy Bayer.  She is the Director of Athletics at Rockhurst University, married with a son & daughter. Kristy has been in Rotary in each of her prior communities.   Kristy looks forward to serving the community and meeting community leaders in and through Rotary.
Sergio del Pino.  Sergio is the Executive Director for the Kingswood Senior Living Community.
Dianne Kramer.   Diane represents both the Kingswood Senior Living Community as the Health Care Navigator and Kingswood Foundation as a Director. Dianne is also a Rockhurst University graduate and has also been a Rotarian in other communities while making her way back to KC.
Quint Hall. Welcomed but not in attendance at today’s meeting.
--  Sadly it was announced that Don Giffin,  passed on September 26th, with services to be held on Saturday Oct 2nd at St Andrews Episcopal Church.
-- David Hanzlick was recognized on behalf of the Club 13 for Club 13th’s recognition and receipt of the 2020/2021 Rotary Citation award. Club 13’s Rotary Citation is a major recognition among Rotary Clubs.
-- Centennial Campaign: The Camp had aged since its founding in 1924 . The prior buildings were 50 years old and facilities’ requirements have changed.  The Camp has raised through a variety of outside sources about $1.5 million of the projected $2 million budget. The opportunity is still available for members to contribute. It is anticipated that members could each make their own $1,000 contribution. Currently the Camp is constructing a new Health Lodge and Administration Center to keep up with the health and accessibility needs of our campers. 
-- GSE Team including Marc Horner are already on their way to their outbound foreign destination. There will be an inbound foreign GSE Team coming here as well.
-- Purple Pinkie Donuts for Polio. District Governor, our own David McCaughey, explained the history and the process. A Tennessee Dunkin Donuts franchisee, in light of annual World Polio Day several years ago, came up the idea of selling a particular donut in mass with the proceeds going to Rotary for World Polio Day. It worked so well that a KCMO Dunkin Donuts franchisee is doing it here this year. From the picture the donuts appear to be long-johns with purple icing on one tip. As 2021 World Polio Day, October 20th, approaches, there will more information forthcoming on the mechanics.
Bill Kort introduced a very energic Ms. Nicole Emanuel, the Founder of the InterUrban ArtHouse in downtown Overland Park, KS (8001 Newton St, OPKS 66204). Nicole is a first generation American born in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, receiving her BA in Design & Industry with a minor in Community Arts from San Francisco State University in 1985 and began her career in San Francisco.   At that time, she began her career as both an activist and an artist.   She worked to get San Francisco city legislation for old warehouses to legally be used for the arts community. At age 30, Nicole took her first art class at the Kansas City Art Institute and was the 1996 KCA Valedictorian.
With a little research it became apparent to Nicole that there was a local demand for artists’ products and demand by artists for safe usable space. Nicole saw the art creation venues tended to be in Kansas City, MO (mostly downtown and in the CrossRoads District). A lot of Johnson County KS resources were going into that area. Nicole had herself relocated to suburbia, working out of her home’s basement as her creative workshop space.  Nationally the Council for the Arts had demonstrated that the Arts could be an economic engine for a community. Nicole began looking for an underused building like a warehouse (drawing on her San Francisco experience).  She found a building near downtown in Overland Park (8011 Newton) that the U.S. Post Office was no longer using as a mail sorting center. Nicole was able to arrange for the purchase from the USPS. To her credit, the USPS retains a small portion as a retail post office, paying monthly rent.  
Going back to the connection between Johnson County and downtown Kansas City, there was at one time a commuter railroad line generally following modern day I-35 called the Interurban Line, connecting Overland Park with downtown KCMO. Following that lead, the facility was named the InterUrban ArtHouse, name & concept wise going from linkage via a commuter rail line to an Arts Corridor. The InterUrban ArtHouse facility, located one block from the Overland Park Farmer’s Market, has 10,000 square feet and sits on an acre of land, which can also be used for festivals. The InterUrban ArtHouse provides space for 30 artists’ studios. As a side note, we were introduced to Defining Creative Industries Workers*: photography, graphic design, architecture, landscape design, fashion, theater, dance  radio-film & TV,  museums & galleries, art therapy, art education, publishing-writing, 2-D visual arts: painting, and 3-D visual arts: sculpture. (*i.e.  the kinds of activities suited for the facility) 
The InterUrban ArtHouse’s surveys identified six (6) community priority needs:
Art Smart- Education  Art Works- Professional Development  Arts Connect- Community  Art Matters - Studio Practice  Art Heals - Art Therapy  Art Space - (30 Studios, 20 artists, event space)
Art Smart- provides the public with after school workshops and programs
Art Works - assists artists to become better at their craft and business economics
Art Connect - operated “Third Fridays” to connect with the general public – open house etc
Art Matters - assists in teaching art to students or others
Art Heals - provides a special commitment to individual’s health & emotional care (PTSD)
The Art Space has room for 30 studios. The studio walls do not go all the way to ceiling, so it still has a wide open space feel. The facility sits on one acre of land in downtown Overland Park available for festivals.  Every Third Friday of the month, the public is invited to an open house at the InterUrban ArtHouse. (similar to First Fridays in the KCMO Crossroads District).     
Under the additional concept of  “Creative Placemaking”, several separate basic takeaways or concepts were touched upon:   “Partners across sectors: Civic, Non-Profits, Grassroots, Private, Business and Government”; “Promoting Economic Development by Leveraging Cultural Assets”Transform Underutilized Properties” and “Community Organizing, Revitalization & Health
The InterUrban ArtHouse presentation noted the arts have their own economic profile and can be a contributing economic engine for an area or a community as well providing a host of social benefits.  As a parting thought:  It has been said that art in its various forms is not a luxury but a necessity.
A Timely Quote of the Day: “Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends”  Marc Chagall
President Tony Andresen wrapped up the meeting with the Four Way Test.
The Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation Secures the Rotary Youth Camp’s Future
Through the month of October there is a fundraising campaign for the Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation. The Rotary Youth Camp serves thousands of campers each year and the Foundation assures that will continue. The Foundation contributes to the Camp’s operating budget and helps fund improvement to the facilities and grounds. 
Now more than ever, the Foundation needs your support. Many thanks to the existing Foundation Fellows and Sustaining Members for your past support. We ask that you give again this year. It takes a $1,000 contribution to become a Fellow of the Foundation or you may become a Fellow by first being a Sustaining Member  A Sustaining Member contributes a minimum of $100 per year until reaching the $1,000 Fellow level. All contributions to the Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.
There is a special “matching” offer until October 31st for new donors. Contribute $800, an anonymous donor will pay $200, and you’ll be a Fellow! Begin as a Sustaining Member at “half price,” as the anonymous donor will match $1 for $1 –up to $200!
If you have questions or want to make a donation, please contact foundation President Phil Kinney at or 816.941.9015 or Foundation Resource Development Chair Sally Bibb at or 816.835.2088.
Please make a donation now!
District 6040 Foundation Dinner
All members of Rotary District 6040 are encouraged to attend the upcoming “Foundation Dinner” on Friday, November 5, 2021, at the Hotel Kansas City, once known as the Kansas City Downtown Club and the original meeting location of Rotary Club 13. Two years is too long not to come together in person with District 6040 Rotarians to celebrate the accomplishments of our individual District Clubs.
The guest speaker will be Tiffany Ervin, award-winning keynote speaker, spokesperson, and television personality, the Past District Governor of District 7670.
Fun-filled evening to include a Silent Auction and Special Raffle. Stay tuned to the District Website for additional information regarding hotel reservations registration and sponsorships.
Book Discussion Group
Please join the Rotary Book Discussion Group on Zoom for the discussion of the book A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel.  The book is available by mail order through the Rainy Day Books web site or call the store for curb-side pickup.  The discussion will be led by Vivien Jennings.  All Rotarians and guests are welcome.
Event: Rotary Book Discussion Group
Date: Monday, October 11, 6:30 PM
Zoom Meeting
About the book:
When Haven Kimmel was born in 1965, Mooreland, Indiana, was a sleepy little hamlet of three hundred people.  Nicknamed “Zippy” for the way she would bolt around the house, this small girl was possessed of big eyes and even bigger ears.  In this witty and lovingly told memoir Kimmel takes readers back to a time when small-town America was caught in the amber of the innocent postwar period – people helped their neighbors, went to church on Sunday, and kept barnyard animals in their backyards. Laced with fine storytelling, sharp wit, dead-on observations, and moments of shear joy, Haven Kimmel’s straight-shooting portrait of her childhood gives us a heroine who is wonderfully sweet and sly as she navigates the quirky adult world that surrounds Zippy.
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Gallery
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 
Masks are required to be worn in the Gallery when not eating or drinking.
Thank you!
Upcoming Events
Rotary Book Discussion Group
Oct 11, 2021
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Women and Friends of Rotary
Pierponts at Union Station
Oct 12, 2021
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Oct 13, 2021
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Oct 13, 2021 4:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Oct 14, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Bagel Run
Oct 16, 2021
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Oct 20, 2021 4:30 PM
Bagel Run
Oct 23, 2021
Satellite Club Social Event
Robert Thompson's Home
Oct 26, 2021
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Downtown Committee Meeting
Oct 27, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
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Oct 14, 2021
Oct 21, 2021
In Search of Lost Time, the Stories of Our Ancestors
Oct 28, 2021
Nov 04, 2021
In Helping Others, You Help Yourself.
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Bowling News
by Tim Tholen
Hello Rotary Club 13!
In this week's bowling news, we had a bunch of really amazing splits, so much so that I will start off reporting that there was only ONE 200+ game, and that was Peter Ho with a 201. Below is the list of splits that were knocked down:
Neil Barnett-4/8
Chris Grimsley-1/2/4/6/10
Matt Ho had two-6/7/9/10 and 1/2/10
John Reynolds-6/10
Peter Ho-9/10
Lots of laughs were had, and, as always, everyone is welcome to come watch!

The Satellite Club met on Tuesday, September 28t, at Tower Tavern Street with Dennis McKeehan serving as Moderator.  Following networking, Rotarian Brad Kleindl gave an excellent overview of the Club 13 international service projects. Club 13 has multiple international service projects including Shoes for Orphan Souls, hosting the African Group Study Exchange team, a Monarch butterfly project, and Project C.U.R.E. a medical supply organization. There was a short discussion on the October social event to be hosted by Rotarian Robert Thompson and catered by Kansas City Joe’s. It was a lively and enjoyable meeting.

Rotary Youth Camp Update
Construction Update: Footings and maybe the basement slab will be poured this week!

ATTENTION CLUB 13 - African GSE TEAM - Nov 6-11 (5 nights)
We have five wonderful Rotarians coming from Africa to KC and four of our club members have volunteered to be hosts - we just need ONE MORE VOLUNTEER.  Host families are only responsible for housing, breakfasts and 3-4 dinners.
Please let Dallas Ziegenhorn know if you can host. 816-674-0545
October is Economic Development Month
Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day. October is Economic Development Month, an opportunity for Rotarians to focus on the importance and impact of growing local, regional, and international economies.  Our members and the Rotary Foundation work to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities by transforming financial gifts into service projects that change lives around the world. Since it was founded more than 100 years ago, the Foundation has spent more than $4 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
Rotarians are providing economic development opportunities through:
  • Microloans - Entrepreneurs use microloans to become street vendors, rickshaw drivers, weavers, and tailors
  • Agricultural Opportunities - Entrepreneurs in rural communities can borrow money to buy livestock or plant crops, or get training in sustainable farming
  • Adopt a Village - Rotary members use a multifaceted and coordinated strategy to break the cycle of poverty in extremely impoverished communities