Paul Harris Fellows

An individual who contributes $1000 or more within a 12 month period or has that sum contributed on his or her behalf is designated a Paul Harris Fellow. A person who agrees to contribute $1000 over an unspecified peiod of time, with a minimum first contribution of r $100, will be recognized as a Paul Harris Sustaining Member; when the contributions reach a total of $1000, he or she will be designated a Paul Harris Fellow.


Each person who receives this recognition is presented with a commemorative certificate. A lapel pin is also given to members so recognized.


Paul Harris Fellow contributions account for almost two-thirds of the RI Foundation’s contributions. The Rotary Foundation was established in 1917 by Rotarian Arch Klumph, the 6th president of RI and current funds the Rotary Scholarships, District Vocational Training Teams, Special Grants, the Health Hunger and Humanity Program, and the Polio Plus Program.

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