Virtually every Monday morning, 8 AM to Noon for the past six or seven years, rain, snow, hot or cold the MMG is hard at work at the Camp. Our latest “big project” is to build an equipment shed attached to the East side of the maintenance barn to house our Bobcat, two Gators and golf cart. Getting all this equipment out of the maintenance barn will make that space available for other projects. The shed is approximately 12 feet by 40 feet with two double garage doors. A lot of work going on since the first of October is almost finished. Several dump trucks of gravel to level the site plus lots of rebar and two concrete truck-loads got the project started. Framing, siding and roofing followed. Since mid-January we have been installing the electrical system and are now installing the garage doors and the chain-link fence to close the area off.
This effort is part of the Camp’s Centennial Maintenance Project which expects to spend around $1,000,000 improving the Camp over the four years ending in 2022.
Current members of the MMG are Rotarians Ross Donnell, Dan Hughes, Rick Hughes, Phil Kinney, Dennis McKeehan, Matt Meyer and John Reynolds and new member of the MMG Marc Horner. We are joined almost every week by non-Rotarian Andy McMurray.
Stay tuned for our next big project which is in the planning stages and must be finished before this summer’s camping season.
MMG rules are: anyone can join whenever they have their Monday morning free and they can expect to have a good time every time. We do whatever the Camp needs done. Come out and join us.