It’s that time of the year again! District 6040 will partner with Buckner International to improve the lives of underprivileged children worldwide, in the USA and in our home community. A new pair of shoes will give a child better health and the opportunity to improve their education and hope. 
The Kansas City Club 13 International Committee will end it’s 22nd year of the Shoes for Orphan Souls Campaign on Thursday, April 20th to get onto the city-wide caravan Saturday, the 29th of April at Truman Presidential Library.
We were thrilled with the first annual pickleball tournament, but are still a ways from lasts years 1009 shoes & 516 pairs of socks raised. Talk about big shoes to fill in Linn Mills retiring as chair.
We need your help to make up the difference. Tiny Shoes will be on Lunch Tables for rotary lunch March 30th and April 8th so remember you cash!
Here are some amazing tidbits from Larry Lunsford & Buckner:
  • Destination:  Guatemala & the Dominican Republic this year
  • SHOE GOAL:  15,199 pairs of shoes (400,000 in 22 years)
  • SOCKS GOAL:  4,409 pairs of socks (50,000 in 22 years)
Suppose you wish to make a financial contribution? Please make your check payable to Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation and note “Shoes for Orphan Souls” on the memo. Mail your donation to Tucker Clark: 5200 W. 57th St. Roeland Park, KS, 66205. This is the same location shoe shoppers will drop of for storage until the caravan in late April. Questions, comments, concerns, or know anyone high up at Nike or Adidas? Please reach out anytime at or (913)707-1351.
Thank you from the International Committee for your support of the 2022 Shoes for Orphan Souls Campaign. And, one final shout out to Linn Mills for all her hard work as chair in the past.