Task#peopleSupplies - provided by campMonth 
paint program cabin2-4paint scraper, brooms, paint, rollers and brushes, ragsMarch
Mow leaves1-2mow leaves left in camp to mulchMarch
sort/lable/repack program cabin items3-4 gloves, sponge/wipes, plastic tubs, paper tags, sharpies, tapeMarch/April  
Pick up trash along Colbern Road2-4trashbags/vests/glovesMarch/April  
Spray ground clear on parking areas2gator/sprayer tank/ground clearMarch/April  
mowing/weed eating2-4mowers/weed eatersalways
add elastic bands to masks for camper/staff useanyonemasks, elastic bands, threadanytime
grind stumps2stump grinder, glovesanytime
check/discard/inflate sports balls2-3air compressor/new ballsanytime
Clean grills2-3cleaning suppliesanytime
oil piano and podium2rags/oilanytime
clean plaques at firecircle2-3rags/soft brushes/soap/hose/bucketsanytime
Add Rotary flags to DH banners4coordinate with Phil Kinney/lift/banners/pinsanytime
fill firecircle wood racks/clean out firecircles2-4gators/shovels/wheelbarrows/woodanytime
remove trees and growth from lagoon berm/fence2-4loppers/gator/brush killeranytime
Clean leaves out of pool/pit/surge tank and scrub stains4trash bags/hose/gloves/leaf scoops/scrub brushes/soda ashApril
prepare garden areas for spring2-6hoes, rakes, shovels, mulch, loppers/trimmers, gloves, wheelbarrowApril  
re coat porch furniture3-4steel wool,  gloves, dust brush, paint brushes, poly coat, plastic drop clothApril/May
paint yellow wall in DH2-3ladders, lift, paint brushes, rollers, tape, tarp, ragsApril/May
paint backs of cabins2-3ladders, paint, burshes, rollers, ragsApril/May
clean out/sort/reshelve DH stage shelves2-3rags, tubs, trash bags,  sharpies, paper tagsApril/May
clear weeds in Aux tent area2-3weed eaters, ground clear sprayApril/May
mulch and re-fence small trees in camp4-6fences and posts, truck, mulchApril/May
Paint upper pool house doors2paint, rollers and brushes, ragsApril/May
paint game tables2-4paint, brushes, sand paper, rags, trash bag, plastic drop clothApril/May
clean/stock cabin carts2cleaning supplies/stock itemsApril/May
check hoses for leaks/repair/discard/distribute2hoses/gator/placement mapApril/May
clean DH windows outside2-6hoses, spray cleaner, ladder, lift, paper towels, trash bagsMay
paint/repair/assemble wagons2-4socket set, wagons, paint, gloves, tape, grocery bagsMay
plant flowers4-6plants, gardening tools, May
Admin Bldg cleaned and ready4-6cleaning suppliesMay
1st Aid Bldg cleaned and ready4cleaning suppliesMay
Set up pool furniture/ropes/etc6-8gloves/sponges/bleach/brushesMay
Set up OutPost campsite8-12gloves/broom/gravel/rakesMay
Set up Auxiliary campsite8-12rubber mallets/rakes/mulch/loppers/tent skins/tent poles/rope/wheelbarrows/truckMay
Set up Adirondak campsite4-6screens/mulch/rakes/brooms/canvas flapsMay
Set up Archery area4archery net/straw/mulch/rakesMay
Clean Dining Hall tables and chairs6-8cleaning supplies/hose/brushesMay
clean all trashcans3-4bleach/soap/brushes/hoseMay
Clean DH stage and main floors4-6powerwasher/mops/squeegees/floor cleanerMay
Clean kitchen floor/equipment8-12powerwasher/mops/squeegees/floor cleaner/rags/sponges/magic erasersMay
Set up cabins for summer3-4supplies/clean fans /beds/screens/carts/trashcans/mattress repair or replaceMay
powerwash comfort station floors2powerwasher/squeegeesMay
mulch tetherball area/hang tetherballs2mulch/gator/tetherballsMay
install screen doors on cabins2gators/screen doors/door pinsMay
Move picnic tables to marked areas4-6trucks/gators/placement mapMay