The Board of Directors has recommended a change to the Club Bylaws, pertaining to the election of the Nominating Committee. The proposed amendment will be voted on at the Sept. 5 Rotary meeting.
The bylaws state "The By-Laws of the Club may be amended at any regular meeting, a quorum being present [60 or more members], by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided, however, that such proposed amendment shall be offered at a meeting at least two weeks preceding the vote upon the same and that a written or printed copy of the proposed amendment, with notice of the time and date of voting, shall have been mailed or emailed to each member at least one week before the meeting at which the vote shall be taken."
The suggested change is as follows:


. . . .

Nominating Committee

Section 2.

(a) The Board of Directors shall appoint five (5) members in good standing, who with present to the Club the names of ten (10) members in good standing from which five (5) members shall be selected in the following manner: The Club shall vote by ballot for five members on the list presented by the Board of Directors, and the five members receiving the highest votes, plus the five most recent past Presidents of the Club who are members in good standing, shall constitute the nominating committee.

New words are in bold.

Deleted words are in strikethrough.