Posted by Barbara Dolci
Our Rotary Club hosted a beautiful Holiday Party for 30 Pathways Youth who are near aging out of Foster Care. Youth were treated to a fried chicken dinner with all the trimmings at Cornerstones of Care Headquarters, and we provided each with a hoodie sweatshirt, new socks, and a stocking of treats and English Crackers to end the party. Over the past 6 months, Club 13 has provided monthly discussions with the youth on budgeting money, applying and interviewing for jobs, union trades, bus transportation, and general health care.  Marc McCarty, Brooke Christy, Jerry Cooke, Phil Kinney, Linn Mills, Mary Kingsley, Paul Searcy, Dana Hetrick, Tim Tholen, Phil Cole, Joe Privitera and Barbara Dolci have taken part in the leadership of these meetings. 
So What’s Next for Pathways???
We have been asked to consider a Mentoring Program, so we could meet one-on-one with a youth over dinner at Cornerstones of Care. We would be paired according to interests, and meet from February through June. Planning will take place the month of January.  Cornerstones LSWs will provide training and will answer questions as we plan. Please contact: Marc McCarty, Brooke Christy, or Barbara Dolci if you are interested in Mentoring a young adult who is aging out of the Foster Care System.