The Mill Valley Debate and Forensics Team is looking for Forensics Tournament Judges. They are hosting a forensics tournament on February 14 and February 15, and are in desperate need of judges. Would you be interested in helping out? 
Forensics is extremely fun to judge! You would be judging from different speech events ranging from acting to debate. 
Here is a list of events that you could be judging:
-Congressional Debate: A debate event that simulates Congress
-Lincoln-Douglass Debate: A debate event with only two people
-Public Forum: A debate event with four people
-Dramatic Interpretation: A dramatic acting event 
-Humorous Interpretation: A funny acting event
-Duo Interpretation: An acting event with two people
-Duet: Another acting event with two people
-Original Oratory: A speech about an opinion or topic
-Informative: A speech about a topic
-Program Oral Interpretation: A mixture of literature into one speech
-Prose: A published piece
-Poetry: A published poetry piece
-Extemporaneous: A speech based on national and international topics
-Impromptu: A speech based on a random topic
There will be a judging training session on February 11 and February 13 at 5:30 pm in the Mill Valley High School Library (Address of Mill Valley High School: 5900 Monticello Rd, Shawnee, KS 66226).
Also, here are some useful links on Forensics judging:
Click here for the form to sign up for judging sessions.
We would love to have you all as a judge! Feel free to email the coach, Sohail Jouya at if you have questions.