Posted by John Gillis
April 8, 2021
Following the small group breakout session and after President David Hanzlick called the meeting to order, we were led by Charlie Huffman  with Carl Bolte on the piano Happy Birthday to America the Beautiful, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by David Hanzlick, a thoughtful Invocation by Glenn Crawford.   
Club AnniversariesCharlie Huffman, 19 yrs, April 4 - Robin Wells, 8 yrs, April 4 - Perry Atha, 20 yrs, April 5 - George Gordon, 15 yrs, April 6
Tom Woolwine and Allison Kelly: CAMP SUSTAINABILITY TASKFORCE PRESENTATIONWe rapidly went through a series of slides to go through an overarching project and concern for the club, i.e. the CAMP:  
Overview of Taskforce (its members and compact history);   
Objectives: Assess the Camp’s financial needs; create a plan; utilize Enterprise Risk Mgmt for NFP; and consideration of creating additional sources of Camp revenues
Project Work Plan: History of the Taskforce’s meetings arriving at an action plan to recommend to the three boards  (Camp/Club/Foundation)
Conclusions: 2021 Camp Budget approved at $354,050, 2021 Foundation’s “spending plan funds” available to the Camp = $160,026, 2021 funding shortfall for Camp budget of $194,024, Effective budget shortfall mitigation action plan $200,000, -increased Fdtn distribution above the policy spend rule, -innovative expense reduction strategies, -New fundraising and engagement initiatives
Recommendations: Follow the broad outline of the shortfall mitigation action plan with the General & specific “how to’s”
Next Step: Develop action plan with Camp/Club/Foundation leadership to implement the Taskforce’s three key recommendations
Next we saw the Video: Securing the Future of Rotary Youth Camp, created as a fundraising video platform that can be adjusted for the particular viewing audiences or the individual presenter. The video presents the Camp & its financial need in different segments or facets: the Camp Story, the Camp Experience & its History, the Camper(s)’ Story, the Staff’s Story, Camp Milestones [1925; 1957; 1975; 1988  Grtr KC Day]; What Now ( our Needs Statement); Sponsor the Rotary Youth Camp packages are shown as suggestions for differing size businesses, other clubs, or individuals & families.
The second Announcement dealt with upcoming Club 13 events:           
 4/22 Parking Lot Party, 4/24 Geeks for Kids Build Day, 5/3 MindDrive Rally, 5/18 Greater Kansas City Day, 6/5 Memorial Meeting & Family Picnic at Camp, 6/12 Sleep in Heavenly Peace, 7/1 Changing of the Guard at Camp
Eric Bubb introduced our speaker, Dr. Ted Higgins, who provided us with insights on his involvement with people of Haiti and their medical needs, culminating in the creation of the Higgins* Brothers Surgical Hospital. (* Named after Ted’s father, Edward Higgins MD, and his uncle, Paul Higgins, MD.  Both served as doctors in WW II.) Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola (the second largest island in the Caribbean Sea, after Cuba). The Dominican Republic is relatively prosperous and organized.  Haiti is not.  Haiti has a population of approximately 11 million and roughly 3.5 million Haitians lives within a 15 mile radius of the hospital. Haiti as a country and Haitians as individuals are financially poor, and there is no medical insurance, so individuals have to pay for their medical care. The people pay what they can, but they are not turned away for economic reasons.
Ted, originally from upstate New York, while in his fourth year of general surgery residency at Yale in 1981, did a three-month rotation at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in DesChapelles, Haiti. Ted started operating in a borrowed clinic in 1992. Ted, still had his medical practice in KCMO. Ted involvement has grown to include training the local doctors, nurses and medical staff.  In 2010 Haiti was hit with a severe earthquake. Ted was working with various organizations to create a modern hospital – surgical center, but the timing was not right for those organizations. So in 2016 Ted set out to start the hospital and seek funding on his own. In 2018 his dream became a reality. Plans are underway to expand the hospital – surgical center. In addition, restorative dentistry has been added. They now have a full service E.R. We saw slides of Haitians getting medical care and their unique stories as well as projections of expansion of the medical facility.  It was and continues to be a very uplifting story.
History: What we know today as the Auxiliary was founded in 1929 as the “Amity Club”. The name was changed to “Wives of Rotarians” in 1933. With the admission of women to Rotary in 1987, the organization was renamed the Auxiliary. For more than 90 years, the organization has supported the work of Club 13 and now raises funds for the Camp.
Quote of the Week: “I have sworn an oath upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form  of tyranny over the mind of man.” Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Benjamin rush, September 23rd, 1800. (Contributed by Leland Shurin).
President David Hanzlick  wrapped up the meeting with the Four Way Test.