The Chilean Rotarians will be in District 6040 and hosted by Club 13 very soon. They will arrive on April 14 at the airport! We have a terrific team of homestay hosts: Dallas and Donna Ziegenhorn, Phil and Joann Kinney, Sally and Bob Bibb, and Linn Mills. Marc Horner, Jan Armstrong and Barbara Dolci are volunteer drivers. Many opportunities at museum visits are available for you to meet them, but especially at: Rotary After Hours on Monday, April 16 at Boulevard Brewery; our regular Rotary club meeting, on Thursday, April 19; and at our Rotary Camp Cookout at 5:00 on Thursday, April 19.  
Please make reservations for Rotary Camp Cookout or Rotary After Hours at Boulevard Brewery.
The Rotary Camp Cookout is our opportunity to hear from them about their clubs in Chile and service possibilities. Please plan to be there! The next day they will be leaving KC for St. Joseph.