Under the leadership of Jan Armstrong, the Ecology Committee has been revived and has several projects in the works!
The first, is the Monarch Project. Rotary club 13 is partnering with the Rotary Club of Monterey, Mexico, KCS Railway Co and Suburban Lawn and Garden to sell Milkweed plants with 50% of the proceeds sent to the Monterey Club to purchase fir trees necessary for the over-wintering environment for the Monarch butterflies. We are also looking at building a Monarch Way Station at the Youth Camp for the enjoyment of our campers and the public.
A popular project we hope to bring back from past years, is the trip to Dunn Ranch Prairie for Rotarians as well as children from the KC Indian Center.
Click here for a look at some animal activities at the ranch.
Other potential projects include downtown roof top gardens, ecology related programs for campers at the Rotary Youth Camp and a visit by the Zoo Mobile to the Youth Camp.
The committee plans to have 2-4 Rotary lunch programs, during the year, on topics such as the Monarch butterflies, alternate energy, flooding issues on the Missouri River and other possible topics.
We will keep you updated as things progress and hope that the Satellite Club and lunch club members will help out!