Posted by Randy Sisk
Camp Enterprise #41 was held on Saturday 3/9 at the Bloch School of Management thanks in large part to our own Dr. Jeff Hornsby and Scott Ezzell who provided the facility and recruiting. Also making this camp a success were all the volunteers that pitched in including Rich Ambler, Henrik Andersen, Jan Armstrong, Courtney Brooks, Christy Chester, David McCaughey, Dennis McKeehan, Linn Mills, Dan Nenonen, Tom Van Dyke and Lainie Wilbur
It is quite an effort to gather these fine students from all over the metro area for a day of entrepreneurial competition. Our Keynote speaker Anthony Shop started his own business many years ago called Social Driver and his message to our attendees was right on the mark. There were some big winners but everyone went home with something and best of all thanks to all our volunteers they were introduced to what Rotary is all about. We hope they take it to heart and become business owners that also give back to their community. Maybe even as ROTARIANS! Let’s hope. 
Thanks to all the committee and volunteers that made CE 41 a success.