Thank you to all the Rotarians and their families and friends young and old who rang bells for the Salvation Army this Holiday Season! We had 72 people cover 10 eight hour shifts over three Saturdays. Many thanks also to the invaluable contribution of Dennis McKeehan and Tim Tholen who worked with the Salvation Army to ensure kettles were in place and picked up promptly. The weather was good two out of the three Saturdays, and there were no blizzards; so weather-wise I think we did quite well!
In all over three Saturdays we collected $3606.70, or $1200 per day which I think is fantastic!
The #1 location continues to be Sam’s Club in the Northland which raised $730.20 in one day followed by Barnes & Noble that averaged $412.26 per day. Crown Center and Oak Park Mall were also strong followed by North Face on the Plaza which I think I’ll change for a stronger location next year.
If anyone has feedback on how to improve our bell ringing experience, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Again, sincere thanks to all for all you do as Club 13 Rotarians!