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This Week's Meeting
August 11, 2022
Our Speakers this week are Ron Johnson and James Conover of the KC Autism Training Center. The topic is: "The Kansas City Autism Training Center... Autism Services in Kansas City."
KcATC was co-founded by Ronald Johnson. In seeking treatment for his own son, Mr. Johnson learned that the only approach proven by research to have significant positive outcomes, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), was not available in Kansas City. His struggles to obtain this treatment for his own son led him to partner and co-found with Dr. Linda Heitzman-Powell of the University of Kansas to establish a not-for-profit dedicated to providing the appropriate evidence-based treatment. KcATC provides partial scholarships and fundraises to cover costs not covered by insurance.
Last Week's Meeting
August 4, 2022
The meeting began in the Kill Devil Room shortly after noon, with a reminder from Pres. Bubb that “it is so amazing that we’re the club with the camp for kids, which is the oldest longest running largest Rotary project in the world.”  After we recited the Pledge to the Flag, Pres. Elect Tom Davis brought forth an invocation. After guests were recognized and greeted, we noted the following club anniversaries: Phil Kinney 43 years; Paul Flucke 8 years; Tim Tholen 11 years; and Alan Warne 23 years.
Pres. B. then did what he said would be an occasional part of coming meetings, a vocational minute – an opportunity for a Rotarian to tell us a bit about their work. First up was new member, Kristy Bayer, who talked about her work as the Director of Athletics at Rockhurst University. Very interesting.
TYROs were our greeters. Announcements included a reminder about the Rotary After Hours event on 8/17 with a tour of the Rock Island Bridge followed by food and drinks in the Stockyard District; and a Thank You! to the volunteers who helped with the recent Westside CAN Center Back to School Pep Rally.
P.P. Tony A. introduced our speaker for the day, Edward Gross, who is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association, whose topic was “State of the Oil and Gas Industry: Challenges and Opportunities.”
Some of his remarks touched on sensitive political issues and matters of substantial national debate, so rather than trying to summarize his points (and risk misrepresenting his views), I will just provide a few quotes from my recording of his presentation.
“I want to thank for the opportunity to share my thoughts on America's energy picture today.”
“Most Americans see the rise in gasoline prices to be a direct result of the Biden administration's commitment to end the production of fossil fuels last year.  In the name of climate change, the federal government did much to impede American oil and gas production. They block pipelines, delayed exports, canceled, lease sales and slow permits. Yet global emissions of carbon dioxide reach an all time high. That being 36.3 giga funds, the world is showing no stomach for the dramatic reductions in the use of oil and gas and the rising prices and demand forecast.  The problem really is population since 1960, while the concentration of CO2 in the air has increased from 310 to 410 parts per million, the world population has increased in 3 billion to 8 billion, 5 billion.”
“Here's the core problem. Demand for fossil fuels is increasing. And the current concentration of CO2 in the air is approaching 420 parts per million. Many experts will say you need to reduce that to 350 parts per million to avoid disruptive climate change. So how do we do that? Now? What condemns the current plan is the intergovernmental panel’s report on climate changes that acknowledges that even if the world stopped all industrial greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, there would be no noticeable drop in temperature for 30 years. So the question is will 8 billion people deprive themselves for the next 30 years to achieve net zero, as in the ICC report?  They most likely will not.”
“The most pressing issues facing our economy in the foreseeable future are not those arising for climate change or energy transition. Rather, the factors to watch are inflation, rising energy costs, national security threats, and by an administration that is too focused on climate change to anticipate or deter these significant real threats.”
“In closing, I just want say the oil and gas industry shares an energy future vision with the public who care as much about the environment as anybody and the concerns of all the people about the environment. We take these issues and concerns, seriously. So our mission is to empower people improve lives and inspire success. So that I'd say thank you if we have time for questions.”
Returning now to this scribe’s words: That concludes my quotes from my recording of Mr. Gross’s presentation. If you would like to have access to all of his remarks, I recommend that you watch the Club’s recording of the meeting that is available on the Club’s Facebook site. Also, I would be happy to send you a copy of the transcription of my recording if you are interested.

Pres. B reviewed a list of some of our coming programs. This list is available also on the Buzzsaw. Then he quoted J. Paul Getty: “Formula for success:  Rise early, work hard, strike oil.”  After a recitation of the 4 way test, we were adjourned.

Rotary After Hours at Rock Island Bridge
Join us on August 17th to tour the Rock Island Bridge from 5-6 pm with Mike Zeller, CEO of Flying Truss Trust.  He will explain the development of American’s first Destination Bridge and provide drinks for the tour.
Construction just got closer with the announcement Thursday, July 28th that the Unified Government of Wyandotte Count/Kansas City, KS approved a special use permit for the development. I am sure Mike will tell us all about it on our tour.
We will access the bridge from the MO side behind the Hy-Vee Arena (previously known as Kemper Arena). Near the bridge and on American Royal Drive there will be a gravel parking lot open for our use.
After the tour join us for drinks and food in the Stockyard District.  Sign up here!
Watch this video to learn more:
August Birthdays
August Birthday Celebrants
Barbara Dolci, 8/2
Sergio del Pino, 8/6
Rick Halterman, 8/10
Al Tikwart, 8/16
Blake Fry, 8/17
Ernesto Marquez, 8/18
Eric Bubb, 8/19
Jim Ascher, 8/21
Steve Burger, 8/24
Rick Hughes, 8/26
Joey O'Loughlin, 8/30
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Gallery
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 
Upcoming Events
Rotary After Hours - Rock Island Bridge Tour
Rock Island Bridge
Aug 17, 2022
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Bagel Run
Aug 20, 2022
Satellite Meeting
Tower Tavern
Aug 23, 2022
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Bagel Run
Aug 27, 2022
WOR Pool Party
Evie Craig's House
Aug 29, 2022
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Rotary After Hours - Brookridge Country Club
Brookridge Country Club
Sep 09, 2022 4:30 PM
Monarch Butterfly Boxcar Event
Union Station
Sep 24, 2022
Rotary After Hours at the KC Zoo
KC Zoo
Sep 27, 2022
4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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Aug 18, 2022
Helping Kids Succeed with Lowrider Bike Club
Aug 25, 2022
“Attracting and Retaining Good Employees – How to Build a Healthy, High-Performance Culture.”
Sep 08, 2022
The Genius of American Democracy
Sep 15, 2022
District Governor Official Visit
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Youth Camp Update
by Laurie Mozley
The MMG have completed the construction of a bench created through donations in memory Marsha Paduch, the longtime director of the Juliette Low/Girls Can Camp session at Rotary Youth Camp.  Marsha began her adventure at the Rotary Camp as a teenage volunteer “Campette” at the Juliet Low Session through the Girl Scouts when Cookie and Mr. D were the caretakers.

The Monarch Butterfly Boxcar Relay event will be in Kansas City at Union Station on Saturday, September 24th!