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This Week's Meeting
June 27, 2019
This week is our Annual Changing of the Guard Meeting. We will be meeting at Mark One Electric (1414 Genessee). We'll celebrate President Kara's year and kickoff President-elect Joe's year!
We will also be having an Installation for Marc Horner as Distric Governor and our special guest is Past RI President Ray Klinginsmith. We look forward to seeing you there!


Last Week's Meeting
June 20, 2019
President Kara was out today so our meeting was led by incoming president, Joe Privitera.  Joe welcomed all and Charlie Huffman led us in the patriotic song My County tis of thee.  After the pledge of allegiance, Carl DiCapo gave an inspiring prayer.  Club anniversary was Ken Smith who has completed 32 years in Rotary.
Sarah Beyer was in attendance today and presented a check from the Club Auxiliary to the Youth Camp. Camp is underway and many kids are already growing from the experience. Dan Hall was given a few minutes to talk about the upcoming friendship exchange trip to Romania Sunday, September 29 to October 11.  The group will be staying in the homes of fellow Rotarians and all food and lodging will be covered  by the host Rotarians. Members are only responsible for their flight and planning of any extra time them may want in the country.  The deadline couples wishing to attend the trip is July 30, 2019.  For friendship exchange information feel free to write Dan at :
Jared Campbell came forward to lead the Tyro badge removal our new Rotarians.  Austin Klarin, Dana Hietrck, Ernesto Marquez, Marc McCarty, Ton Woolwine, Taylor Phipps. 
Visitors today were Jessica Ramirez, a guest of Dr. Kimberly Beatty.  Tim Truesdale, member of Raytown Rotary. 
Sally Bibb introduced our speaker today who was Rob Freeman, CEO  of Savion, LLC.  Who spoke on the subject, “The Status and future of Utility Scale Wind,  Solar and Battery Storage in the US.  Rob started as an attorney in KC.  For a time he was Senior VP for Azuila, Inc and had P & L responsibility for the midstream energy business in Europe.  In 1990 he started a water company that proved later to not be as successful as he desired so he sold it.  He then started Tradewind Energy where he served as CEO and Board member from 2004 to 2019 which has 150 employees.  In 2017 they were the #1 alternative energy company in the US.  In March 2019 they sold it in 3 parts:  Wind, solar and solar battery.    The Green Investment Group (GIG) was started for future energy.  Rob is most optimistic about the need for battery storage for the renewable energies.  He believes Wind energy will peek in 2030 at 150GW.  The key is solar power which will grow 2012 to 2030 and beyond to 225 GW.  Batteries will be needed to store and give out the energy of these sources.  When looking at the finances of energy, wind and solar are unsubsidized and the cheapest energy now.  Gas is the most expenses, next is nuclear, coal and solar wind.  Wind tax credits will be stepping down from 2019 to 2022.  There are currently 100 utility companies with alternative energy.  22% of all companies in the country have joined using renewable energies.  These renewable energies also save water which is currently in trouble.  Rob believes that energy will grow cheaper over time until it is free.  One question that came from the group was how will it continue to be free and pay for the infrastructure and the government money that states depend on to operate.  Rob believes that government will figure out a way to draw taxes and fees for the free use. 
There is no meeting on July 4th, Enjoy a Happy Independence Day and join us at the next meeting on July 11.  
Joe ended the meeting by a standing ovation for Kara and her leadership of Rotary as president.  This was to be her last meeting and Joe will be installed at the next. 
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**
Rotary Youth Camp News
This past Saturday 14 members of the Leawood Rotary Club came out to the Rotary Camp for a service day. They weeded the fire circle area, spread gravel on the driveway, puts rocks down on the south side of the dining hall and worked in the Auxiliary tent camping area straightening the tents and rain flies, weed eating the trail, cutting dead trees and limbs, and mulching the area. They also presented the camp with a donation check. They demonstrated Rotary in Action out at the camp!
This past week Gillis Center brought campers to camp. They swam, went hiking and boating, finishing up their time with water Olympics.
Over the weekend MidWest Brachial Plexus Network came to camp and a special guest joined them for a kids vs adults kickball game! This week, Down Syndrome Guild is holding their first summer session. The campers are all checked in and enjoying the beautiful pool!
In other news...
Rotary connections are everywhere!  Last week I visited another camp for their American Camping Association Accreditation, the other visitor was a very nice young lady named Shannen Freeman. She is the granddaughter of none other than longtime Club 13 member, the late Gene Freeman! She wanted to give a shout out to all of Gene's Rotary friends! She shared some memories of Gene and Peggy bringing her out to camp for the picnic when she was younger.  
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Kill Devil Club
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Kansas City, MO 64105

Contact us:

(816) 842-2322





by President Kara Bennett
This will be my last column as your President. The Changing of the Guard lunch is Thursday and I am hopeful that you will attend.
It has been a wonderful experience serving as your President. I hope I made you proud!
Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to negotiate a new contract with The Gallery/Kill Devil management team. The lunch format was changed to a buffet and we moved to the Kill Devil location for most of our meetings. My goal was not to raise annual membership fees and this change made that possible.
Another goal was to start a Satellite Club that offered an evening meeting once a month. The Membership Committee launched it last fall and it has been going strong ever since. I am very pleased with the results. To date we have 6 new members and many, many others interested in joining.
The Community Service Committee took on the task of establishing the procedures to obtain Venture Fund money for projects around the city. To date we completed 6 projects costing $11,032.74. We had 39 members participating in the projects that hopefully made Kansas City a better place to live. In the next couple of months there are 3 more projects that will be completed. Well done!
During my year I placed a lot of emphasis on the Community Service and Membership Committees to implement new and fun projects through the year that would engage our diverse members and grow our club. I consider our efforts very successful!
In the meantime, all of the other committees were doing their job by completing task that makes our club run so efficiency. Thank you.
Every year the President of Rotary International establish a theme and citations for the year. The theme was to “Be the Inspiration” and the citations were many. I am very pleased to report that we made all of the citations but, one. Our club is “Gold”. The one citation we failed at was increasing overall membership. Even with 6 new members in the Satellite Club and 12 new members in our lunch club we could not stay ahead of the resignations and deaths this year.
Of course all of this good work cannot be done without the many, many volunteers that stepped up and led our club in its many activities. Thanks to everyone that made this year so inspiring to me!
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