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May 17, 2018
Lunch & Learns available
May 24, 2018
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Upcoming Events
Lunch & Learn at Chamber Office
Union Station
May 17, 2018
11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Lunch & Learn at Care Haven Home
Care Haven / Southmoor Home
May 17, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Lunch & Learn at Kitchens by Kleweno
Kitchens By Kleweno
May 17, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Lunch & Learn at WeWork
WeWork Office Space
May 17, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Fireside at Peter Ho's office
Peter's Office (Haas Wilkerson building)
May 17, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Memorial Meeting at Rotary Youth Camp
Rotary Youth Camp
May 24, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Rotary After Hours
Harry's Country Club
May 29, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Women of Rotary and Friends Event
Jun 12, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Rotary Night at the Zoo
Kansas City Zoo
Jun 14, 2018
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

May Birthday Celebrants
Ken Smith, 5/7
Dick McFarland, 5/9
Randy Wisthoff, 5/10
Perry Atha, 5/12
Latoya Goree, 5/12
Tom Vandyke, 5/12
Greg Kallos, 5/14
Mark Snow, 5/14
Jerry Cooke, 5/16
Joe Privitera, 5/17
Keith Roney, 5/19
Ezgi Perkins, 5/22
Bob Benson, 5/23
Lon Lawton, 5/23
Terry Kilroy, 5/24
Bob Lager, 5/27
Greg Alejos, 5/30

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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
Rotary Club 13 Venture Fund

I am very excited to announce to you a new initiative that I, along with President-elect Kara Bennett, KCRC Foundation President Phil Kinney, and our respective boards, have been working towards for several months – the Club 13 Venture Fund!


I am very excited to announce to you a new initiative that I, along with President-elect Kara Bennett, KCRC Foundation President Phil Kinney, and our respective boards, have been working towards for several months – the Club 13 Venture Fund!

The Venture Fund consists of money provided by the Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation, to be used on community projects that benefit the youth and community of Kansas City. Over the next three years, the Foundation has committed up to $50,000/year for these projects.

“The foundation feels that supporting the Venture Fund idea is a very positive use of the Foundation's assets,” said Phil Kinney. “The financial support for the Venture Fund will not reduce the amount of money that is sent to the camp each year.”

As Kara Bennett said at our May 3 luncheon – the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of this fund is focused around YOU, the club members. It will be up to YOU to suggest projects, and champion their success. The goal is to make a difference by showing that we, Club 13, are People of Action in Downtown Kansas City, and to be relevant to our community.

“This money has the potential to spark interest in our club and to fund many worthwhile projects to support the needs of children in our downtown area,” said Kara.

We won’t be able to do this without you, our members. Kara is forming a new committee to put these ideas in action. If you would like to participate, please let us know. And, we need your ideas for projects – ideally “one and done” events where we can volunteer or lend a hand for one day. But the sky’s the limit and all ideas are welcome.

I hope you are excited as the Club and Foundation’s leadership is for this amazing opportunity! We not only have the opportunity to “Make a Difference” – but to “Be the Inspiration” to our community!

Please reach out to me, Kara or Mandy if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

David McCaughey
Rotary Club of Kansas City
President 2017-18
This Week's Meeting
May 10, 2018
Our Speaker this week is Andra Watkins, author, "Not Without My Father: One Woman's 444-mile Walk of the Natchez Trace."
New York Times best selling author Andra Watkins lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband, Michael T Maher. A non-practicing CPA, she has a degree in accounting from Francis Marion University.
She’s still mad at her mother for refusing to let her major in musical theater, because her mom was convinced she’d end up starring in porn films. She’s the author of four books and counting. Her acclaimed first novel To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis was published by Word Hermit Press on March 1, 2014.
Not Without My Father: One Woman’s 444-Mile Walk of the Natchez Trace is a memoir about her dysfunctional family adventure; it is a National Book Award nominee and a New York Times best seller. Natchez Trace: Tracks in Time is a book of photography, shot during her 15-mile daily hikes on her 444-mile Natchez Trace walk.
Andra is a highly decorated Rotarian. She is a past club president, past district communications chair, founding chair of Rotary Friendship Exchange, two-time Rotarian of the Year, multiple Paul Harris Fellow, and recipient of her district’s Distinguished Service Award. 
Last Week's Meeting
Last Week's Meetings
May 3, 2018
President David McCaughey called the meeting to order.  A good crowd was on hand anticipating the education of a lifetime from our fellow Rotarian and presenter, Carl E. Bolte, Jr. Before regaling us with stories of past Presidents, the aforementioned Bolte put on his pianist’s hat and accompanied Charlie Huffman who led the singing of God Bless America. President David led the Pledge of Allegiance followed by Charlie Roger’s invocation remembering our military and the sacrifices made. George Heymach was recognized for his fourteenth anniversary in Club 13 followed by Mary Kingley’s thirteenth, Larry Taft’s twelfth, and Brad Kleindl’s and Sandra Benton’s fifth. Phil Kinney, President of the now 38-year old Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation, and President-elect, Kara Bennett, then took the podium to share a new initiative, the Venture Fund, in which $50,000 will be contributed annually by the Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation for three years to fund downtown projects. Phil presented a chart showing a very healthy increase in the assets held by the Foundation, which now total approximately $6.5M. Kara stated the hope that this “very exciting news” will spark interest and generate ideas to benefit children in the downtown community. Likened to a venture fund which provides seed money to business entrepreneurs, Kara welcomed not for profits represented in the Club and other “people of action” to come up with ideas.
Announcements included a report by Katie McCalla and Branden Ehlers on the Rotaract Camp Rise event for homeless youth taking place July 14.  Linn Mills gave the final tally for the Shoes for Orphan Souls project which saw Club 13 donate 1174 pairs of shoes and 1326 pairs of socks! Dick Retrum announced the popular Rotary Night at the Zoo will take place June 14 at a cost of $15/person. Dan Nenonen, Camp Chair, reported on the work day at the Camp on April 28 and asked for helpers on the next Camp Day set for May 12.  Mandy Sheldon announced the Lunch & Learns and evening Fireside meeting which will take the place of the regular lunch meeting on May 17.       
President David then introduced our speaker -Past President of Club 13, brother to Past President Denny Bolte, and son to the late Past President, Big Carl - to discuss our nation’s 45 Presidents. Known as “Creative Carl” for his musical talents, Presidential Historian was not a label by which he was previously associated. After taking the stage with a droll smile, Carl referenced an article published in the Scrivener’s magazine several decades ago for his inspiration. That article categorized Presidents as great, above-average, less than average, and inferior. Instead of giving us his view of the lay of the Presidential land, Bolte engaged in the Socratic method calling on certain members to name a President and say why he or she liked that particular leader. This led to a very informative give and take between learned members of Club 13 and our presenter regarding the successes of Harry Truman, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and other such American icons. The presentation ended with a remembrance of those Presidents who have consistently and historically landed in the “inferior” category. Names such as Harding, Pierce, Johnson, Fillmore, Tyler, and Taylor made that unwelcome list. Wisely, there was no discussion of the six most recent contemporary Presidents and we all left as good and trustworthy friends!
David left us with this word: “Strong People Don’t Put Others Down; They Lift Them Up!” That one belongs on Twitter.
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**

From last week's speaker...
Fellow Rotarians and Political Scientists:
Thank you for the cordial welcome last Thursday. Your participation was commendable and noteworthy. Congratulations!
I thought Club #13 out-performed the Scribner's panel of experts.
Carl Bolte
Dragon Boat Volunteers Needed
We are looking for volunteers to be on the Rotary team during the Dragon Boat Races! Join our team of Dragon Boat Rowers - and compete against others during the Annual Dragon Boat Festival. The Races are to be held Saturday, June 9 starting at 10:00 AM.  The practice session will be the week before on Saturday. See Jan Armstrong for more info.
Rotary Night at the Zoo