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Guest Column by Foundation/Grants Chair Tom Davis
Kimbrouh Challenge:  Grants for 2019-2020
Club 13 Rotarians should be aware that 2019-2020 will be an exciting year for the Global and District Grants programs due to the generous donations 3 years ago in District 6040 to the Rotary Foundation Share Program. The District is moving forward the deadlines for training to be completed and grant applications to be submitted, so that Clubs can apply for all those funds for projects locally and internationally. 
Some of the dates to remember are:
Grants training must be completed by April 1, 2019. (5 webinars are scheduled and you need to register for those if unable to attend the PRE PETS meeting). Grants training is available at the PRE PETS meetings in late February. For those who are interested in getting trained, see the District 6040 website or contact Tom Davis at:
The first round of District Grant applications is due April 1 -April 30. If funds are still available, then a second round of applications will be due May 1-15. And, if funds are still available, then the third round will be June 1-June 15. Note: After the first round, Clubs can apply for more funds for the Grant submitted in the first round or they can apply for a second District Grant. However, initially just one grant can be sought per Club.  
For this coming Rotary Year, District Simplified Grants will be matched on a 3 to 1 basis up to a maximum District contribution of $10,500, e.g. $3,500 in Club fundraising will be matched by $10,500 from the District for a total project value of $14,000.  So, be thinking of a good project for Club 13 to sponsor and provide your ideas to Tom Davis or Kara Bennett
Clubs can also apply for a Global Grant for an international project of $50,000, with no money needed from the Club due to the Kimbrough donation! The Global Grant Guidelines are available on the District 6040 website, or you can contact Tom Davis for more information.  Global Grant applications are submitted on a rolling basis, so there is no precise deadline.  However, competition will be fierce among the Clubs for these funds, so the sooner an international grant project can be organized the better.  

Feb 14, 2019
A Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Music Special
Feb 21, 2019
Truman and the Trails (Santa Fe, Oregan and Califormia Trails)
Mar 28, 2019
Status and Future of Utlity Scale Wind, Solar and Battery Storage in the US
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Upcoming Events
Women and Friends of Rotary
Brown and Loe
Feb 12, 2019
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Feb 13, 2019 4:30 PM
Membership Committee
Feb 14, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Spouse's Day Luncheon - Valentine's Day
The Gallery
Feb 14, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Bagel Run
Feb 16, 2019 2:00 PM
Ramblin Rotarians in KC, KS
Reardon Convention Center
Feb 19, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Feb 20, 2019
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Feb 20, 2019 4:30 PM
Community Service Committee
Feb 21, 2019
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Bagel Run
Feb 23, 2019 2:00 PM

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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
This Week's Meeting
February 14, 2019
This Week's Meeting is our Spouse's Day Luncheon. 
Celebrate Valentines Day with Music!  Following two opening songs performed by the Music Committee, a quartet of professional jazz musicians will perform love songs to entertain the Rotarians and their special guests. The musicians are Clint Ashlock on trumpet, Brad Gregory on saxophone, Charles Williams on keyboard and James Albright on bass. 
Last Week's Meeting
January 31, 2019
President Kara called the meeting to start at 12:12, followed by a warm rendering of American the Beautiful led by Chuck Eddy. Henrik Andersen gave us a rhyming invocation, preceded by the Pledge of Allegiance.
Member anniversaries this week include Rick Halterman, 21 years, David King, 8 years, and Bill Kort, 5 years.
Two new members were introduced to the club—Mathew Petersen, who works for Spencer Thane, and Habitat KC represented by Melissa Jones and Lindsey Hicks. Peter Ho presented these new individuals to enthusiastic applause.
Announcements included invitations to upcoming Firesides at members’ homes: Tuesday, 5 February at Denny Bolte's, and Thursday, 7 February at Linn Mills’ residence. Dallas Ziegenhorn spoke of the upcoming group study exchange in April. We are hosting several Rotarians from Australia between April 9th and 11th, and need a combination of beds, cars, and some funding to make it go well.
David King presented the next edition of people of Rotary 13 to the group, highlighting Bob Gamer. Bob was a career academic, an author of multiple textbooks who taught in Singapore for several years before returning to Kansas City to join the faculty at UMKC. He spent 40 years as a teaching Kangaroo, in addition to running a small business called Temple Slug.
George Heymach introduced featured speaker Bridget McCandless, the President and CEO of Health Forward Foundation. She is a PHF, and a graduate of MU with a strong interest in how chronic disease and poverty intersect. Dr. McCandless spoke on the medically under-served and the impact on the community, with Kansas City as the source of most examples given. Key takeaways were:
  • The Health Forward Foundation is a conversion foundation, created out of the funds remaining from hospital mergers. It oversees services for three counties in Missouri and three counties in Kansas, in addition to Kansas City, MO.
  • Health Forward has principal areas of focus in healthy communities (through active living and good eating), mental health (through resilient life choices), and health safety nets (preventive care through better access). Tobacco 21KC may be their most visible program, which works to create a uniform age limit for tobacco purchases.
  • “Leadership and advocacy outlast a dollar spent.”
Questions posed to Dr. McCandless after her presentation included queries about Medicaid expansion and how the Affordable Care Act influenced Health Forward’s work.
After applause for Dr. McCandless, President Kara announced that Charlie Shields of Truman Medical Center will speak to the club next week. President Kara concluded the meeting with a quotation by R.W. Emerson, “The first wealth is health.”
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**
Camp News
The Rotary Camp has been bustling in spite of the weather!  Last week we had our first monthly gathering for the Down Syndrome Guild. They will also be holding activities over spring break and hosting a camp this summer! The Down Syndrome Guild shared this on Facebook: "The STARS expansion to Lee's Summit has officially begun! Teens met at the new location for our Spring and Summer Camps! The dining hall provided the perfect space for Minute to Win It Games and lots of fun! There were both new and familiar faces present. Although it was very cold on the outside, teens were excited to be in the warm dining hall imagining all the fun they would have this summer with friends." (pictures below)
A Girl Scout Service Unit held their annual Pinewood Derby in the dining hall. And a Boy Scout troop enjoyed the better weather this past weekend. You can keep up with what is happening at your camp by visiting our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter. Have you been to the upgraded website?  
As soon as the weather permits there are several major projects planned for the camp. The lift station pumps will be replaced, the pool re-painted and shower house modifications made, the OutPost will be getting new platforms and tents, the roofing repairs will be made from the summer storms, and a new area is being developed in the woods behind the Administration Building! Photos will be posted as the work begins. Thank you for your continued support of the Rotary Camp,  you make it possible for lives to be changed forever. 
Australian GSE Team
The Aussies are coming April 9, 10, 11... we need cars, beds & bucks!
Club 13 has another chance to participate in a global exchange like we did last year with the Chileans. This year we will be hosting a group of five Rotarians from Australia.
The International committee has been setting up work-related appointments and fun events. Our big need is for just two more homes for three nights, drivers and a few bucks to pay for lunches and entrance fees. (last year hosts paid for meals and also provided transportation.) Let Dallas Ziegenhorn know if you can help.
Camp Enterprise
Camp Enterprise is scheduled for Saturday, March 9, 2019 at the Bloch School at UMKC. The committee is working hard on a successful event! Thank you for your support!
Bowling News
When you look up "Bad day on the Lanes" in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Peter Ho.  Last week he managed to get six splits in one game.  He didn't cover any of them.  Thus his score was much less than his current average.  
On a brighter note, John Lawrence rolled a 222 and picked up the 4-9 split. Wesley Gill covered the 6-7-10. That is a tough one. Well done all.
Dave Boone's team has picked up where they left of in the first part of the season by holding on to first place in the second half.  Who can catch these guys?
Ramblin' Rotarians
The Ramblin' Rotarians are hitting the road again! This time, we will be visiting the Kansas City, Kansas Club meeting on Tuesday, February 19 at Noon. The KC, KS Club meets at the Reardon Convention Center at 500 Minnesota Ave. in Kansas City, KS 66101. Cost of the luncheon is $15.00. 
Hope you can join us for this visit - it's always fun and interesting to see how another Rotary club operates. You can visit the KC, KS Club website at Click here to register for this event.