This Week's Meeting
June 6, 2024
This week's meeting will be our Annual Memorial Meeting.
We will be remembering: Ralph Ochsner, Don Seifert, Carl Bolte & Overton Durrett.
Last Week's Meeting
May 30, 2024
This was our 5th Thursday of the month, the after work social meeting. After generous portions of pizza (Minsky Pizza 5105 Main St, KCMO), President Tom Davis, called the gathering to order. Past President Eric Bubb updated us with the results ($19,500) of Kansas City Day (actually several) with the opening home game of the Monarch and early meet & greet at Union Station. We dovetailed in with several KC Big Slick celebrities.  Between Eric Bubb and Scott Holsman there was not a lot of rest for approximately 36 hours. Well Done!
Sally Bibb presented five new Rotary Youth Camp Fellows. The financial contributions to the Rotary Youth Camp Foundation are critical as the Foundation is the financial backstop and support allowing the Rotary Youth Camp to continue. [Our Rotary Youth Camp is Rotary’s longest continuous endeavor – in ALL of Rotary, nationally and internationally!] Those new or recurring Fellows are Linda Zesch, Madaline Walter, Martha Leonard Voight, Marcus (Marc) McCarty, and Barbara Dolci.  Each recognized Fellow had tremendous background stories that were shared. 
June 6th at Kill Devil Club will be the annual memorial celebration of life for our passed members.  [ LAST MEETING AT THE KILL DEVIL CLUB]
June 13  FIRST MEETING AT OUR NEW DOWNTOWN LOCATION, The Crowne Plaza Hotel at 1301 Wyandotte Street, KCMO with on site hotel covered parking. 
July 4th – NO Meeting
July 11th - Changing of the Guard with our new officers
Tom Davis wrapped up the meeting with the Four Way Test.
[as an ongoing scrivener’s note: our local Club 13 Rotary organization is comprised of at least three interrelated groups (like a three-legged stool), each with its own separate board, officers & primary focus.  KCRClub 13 comprised of various committees and weekly luncheon meetings with speakers;  KCRCFoundation  primarily focused on financially supporting the Club 13’s Rotary Youth Camp; and the Rotary Youth Camp*, near Lake Jocomo, at 22310 NE Colbern Road, in Lee’s Summit, MO 64086]  (* Rotary’s  oldest continuous ongoing project in the world!)
Rotary Youth Camp Centennial Celebration Luncheon

In 1924, the Gee’s had a vision of a camp that would service local youth and on May 23, 2024, we celebrated 100 years of our Rotary Youth Camp impacting the youth of Kansas City.  It was a glorious Centennial Celebration with over 160 attendees!  The Dining Hall was decked out in Rotary blue and gold and aromas from the lunch buffet filled the air. 

Rotary Clubs that joined Club #13 at the event included the Rotary Clubs of Lee’s Summit, Lee’s Summit Sunrise-Sunset, Eastern Independence, and the Rotary Club of Parkville. Government representatives in attendance included a representative from House of Representatives Sam Graves office, Chris Sandler Missouri District #33 Representative, Sean Smith, Jackson County 6th District Legislator, Michelle Newman and Marcy Caldwell of Jackson County Parks and Recreation and Marshana Smith from the office of Jackson County Executive Frank White. Rotary Youth Camp user groups Girls can Camp, the Boy Scouts, Midwest Brachial Plexus Society, the Joshua Center and the Kansas City Indian Center joined us for the event.  In addition, we hosted representatives from the following local charities: Special Olympics of Missouri, the Sherwood Center, Operation Breakthrough, Hope House and Joy KC.  

Following the gathering and the upscale camp food, President Tom Davis welcomed the guests, led the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced George Gordon who gave an inspirational invocation.  Charlie Huffman sang Welcome to Rotary and led the group in God Bless America.  President Tom recognized the many dignitaries in the crowd and when he gave special recognition to Camp Superintendent Laurie Mozley for her tireless work on the event and her years of dedication to the Camp, the group responded with a standing ovation. Marshanna Smith, Jackson County Public Information Officer, came to the podium and read a Proclamation from Jackson County Executive Frank White.  A Centennial Video created by Laurie Mozley and narrated by Scott Holsman was shown.  The heart-warming video was an overview of the Camp activities through the years with photos from many decades. Twins Sharon & Karen Whittlesey each gave a testimonial of their many years as Girl Scout Counselors at the Camp.  Each had served in various roles with the Girl Scouts both with the Juliette Low Camp and the Girls Can Camp.  Their comments were informative, funny and touching and their love for the Camp could be heard in their stories.  Past President Eric Bub gave a passionate testimonial on how the Camp had impacted him as a Rotary volunteer.  The meeting ended with President Tom offering tours of the Camp to any attendees.

Many thanks to Laurie and the dozens of volunteers who made the event go so smoothly.  All details were well planned and implemented from parking directions, golf cart rides to and from the parking lot, Dining Hall preparations (special thanks to the Monday Morning Group for setting up and cleaning tables and chairs), luncheon setup and cleanup, and personal tours.  Special thanks to UMB Bank for their generous contribution to support the Centennial Celebration activities.

The May 23rd luncheon was a great Centennial Celebration and a tribute to our Rotary Club 13 legacy.

Geeks for Kids Delivery Day
Delivery Days are like the best Christmas morning ever!  We bring together our recipient families, volunteers and sponsors for one huge party.  And, we need 100+ volunteers to make this event happen (and safe!) for our kids.
We set up a play area and a racetrack, do a final fitting for each child and then send the kids out to take a few loops around the track. When you see our kids (kids who cannot explore on their own) race around in their custom, electric cars for the first time, you'll see why our team volunteers so much of their free time to give these kids the #Power2Play. Then, relax and enjoy the party! There will be treats and drinks, music, bubbles, balloons and lots of fun. It will be the best day of your year!

The Details:

Summer Delivery Day Kansas City

Date:  Saturday, 6/8 (Set-Up Only) and Sunday, June 9 (The Event)
Volunteers Needed:
Set-Up Crew,
Saturday, 6/8/24 – 3 to 7p
D-Day Crew,
Sunday, 6/9 - 11a to 6p
Wheels & Wishes Crew,
Sunday, 6/9 – 1 to 7p
Transport Volunteers,
Sunday, 6/9 – 4:30 to 7:30p
Location: Porsche Kansas City, 9415 W 65th St Building #2, Merriam, KS 66203
To Fuel Your Engines: Drinks and treats will be served.
Rotary Club 13, Thank You for your continued support in building our cars for kids with mobility issues and helping with our Delivery Day to give the customized cars to the children!  
Please come as our Guests-Free of Charge-to the Wheels and Wishes Event at the beautiful Porsche Sales Floor -Aristocrat Motors- on Sunday afternoon June 9th from 4:00-6:30. Valet parking included. Enjoy food and drinks provided by Inspired Occasions, and music by Philharmonic Jazz Trio as you watch from above little children receiving -and joyfully driving their custom-designed cars for the first time.  All of these children with movement limitations are gifted these cars free of charge by Geeks for Kids.   
Please come and join us as GUESTS and REGISTER that you will be there!
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Kill Devil Club
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 
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Jun. 08, 2024
Women & Friends of Rotary
Pierponts at Union Station
Jun. 11, 2024
5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Board of Directors Meeting
Jun. 12, 2024
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Bagel Run
Jun. 15, 2024
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Jun. 29, 2024
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Jun 27, 2024
Philanthropy for You, Your Family, & the Community
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New KC Rotary Club Foundation Fellows
Five Rotarians were recognized as new Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation Fellows at the FIFTH Thursday Rotary meeting on Thursday, May 30th.  Short bios of Linda Zesch, Madaline Walter, Martha Voight, Marc McCarty and Barbara Dolci were recited as each person received their certificate.  Common threads among the bios were their support of the Rotary Youth Camp and their spirit of giving.  Foundation Resource Development Chair, Sally Bibb, commented that, with the high inflation, the cost per camper is very high and it is expected that this summer there will be a shortfall in funds for the Camp.  The KCRCF will cover any needed funds and also assure the sustainability of the Camp.  Contributions to the Foundation are greatly appreciated and a special thanks to the five new Fellows and their generous contributions.

Rotary Youth Camp Update
By Laurie Mozley
Here are the sessions for 2024:
June 6  Cornerstones of Care
June 7-11 K.C. Indian Center
June 12-14  iCare
June 14-16  Midwest Brachial Plexus Network
June 17-22 Joshua Center
June 24-27  Gillis Center/ Cornerstones of Care
June 28-July 2 Cabins 4 Kids
July 5-12 Boy Scouts
July 13-14 Modern Family Alliance
July 15-23 Girls Can Camp
July 24-28 Camp Opportunity
And 1972!
Since the eagle nest blew down we have been concerned about our eaglets. One was taken to Lakeside Nature Center and had shattered knees. The outcome was not what we had hoped for. The other two showed up at camp after the Centennial activities were over and one had mastered flying so we only had its company for a couple of days. It has been spotted perched on a street lamp along Colbern Road. The third one stayed in camp the longest. It would sit on a picnic table and call for food. The adult eagles would drop by with fish and it would spend the rest of the day sleeping on the table. It finally began making efforts to fly and over the weekend has made it to the top of signs and structures around camp.  No sign of it the last two days, but we can hear it calling for breakfast, hopefully from a tree top. We are thankful that two of the eaglets survived and hope the adults will build a new nest next year.