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By President Kara Bennett
The Saturday trip to the Dunn Ranch Prairie, The Nature Conservancy was GREAT! We arrived at the KC Indian Center on 39th street near Pennsylvania at around 8 am to begin our field trip to the prairie. There were around 45 guests, which were mostly children. Gaylene Crouser, Director of the KC Indian Center told me that the children were very excited about riding the bus. Many had never been on such a big, fancy bus before. Kincaid Coach Lines showed up in a 2018 bus. Sweet!
We loaded up and took off to the prairie. It was a beautiful day to be driving to the country. Upon arriving, there was a shelter with picnic tables and a grill near a grass field that had large bales of hay. To the west was the wide-open prairie. When they unload the bus, the kids came out running and screaming. One little boy ran to a hay bale and hugged it. I don’t think he had ever seen or touched hay before. It was pure delight.
Randy Arndt, the Manager of the Dunn Ranch Prairie, had a tractor and wagon ready for us. Once the kids loaded in they took off on their adventure. Many of the Rotary volunteers stayed at the shelter to start preparing the bison lunch. On the ride through the prairie they did encounter the bison and sang an Honor Song for the Buffalo Nation. The Monarch butterflies were everywhere. Deer and Prairie Chickens were spotted along the way. At some point on the ride they smelled growing sage. An important herb used in ceremonies. Randy explained how the prairie is managed and identified the many flowers and types of grasses in it.
The children returned very hungry. However, before lunch was served a Smudging ceremony was performed. It involved the burning of scared herbs for spiritual cleansing and blessing. Lunch was excellent!
It was an “awesome” day for the children, according to Gaylene. I believe it was also an “awesome” day for the Rotary Volunteers. I am confident we will do future service projects at the KC Indian Center and they will continue to participate in work days at the Rotary Youth Camp.
Thanks to our Ecology Committee for organizing this adventure, the Venture Fund for providing the financial support and to our volunteers. Without their help none of this would have been possible. The 10 people that went on the trip were Jan Armstrong, Barbara Dolci, George Gordon, Preston Hardge, Lon Lawton, Dennis McKeehan, Laurie Mozley, Katie McCalla, Dick Retrum, Paul Searcy and me.
What an inspirational day!

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Upcoming Events
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Oct 03, 2018 4:30 PM
Rotary at First Friday
In front of Benjamin Moore
Oct 05, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Bagel Run
Oct 06, 2018
Camp Work Day
Youth Camp
Oct 06, 2018
8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Food Fight at Harvesters
Oct 09, 2018
5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Mark One Electric
Oct 10, 2018
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Oct 10, 2018 4:30 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
Oct 11, 2018
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Bowling News 
By Dick Retrum
Having a tie game in bowling doesn't happen very often. When it does, each team earns a half game. Today was very unusual because two teams tied twice.  Each team had total pin counts of 470 in the first match and 400 in the second. We're checking the data sheets to see if that has ever happened before.  
There were no 200 games to report but there were two split conversions that were impressive. Kay Roscoe covered the 3-6-10-7 and Dee Reynolds picked up the 1-5-7-10. Technically when the head pin is included it is not considered a split. The reasoning is that the head pin makes it easier to pick it up. But to knock down these four pins was next to impossible. It would have been fun to have a video of that trick shot.

We need volunteers on Saturday and Sunday, October 27 & 28 for Boo at the Zoo.
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We are starting off a new year with People of Rotary! Last week's honoree was Karl Bublitz. Click here to read more!
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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
This Week's Meeting
September 27, 2018
Our Speaker this week is Bill Kort. His topic is: "Trade, Tax Cuts, Deregulation, Immigration and Draining the Swamp: Market Elixer or Witches Brew?" 

Instead of talking about his normal cause celebre, ranting against the media and the harm it does to investor success, Bill will be giving his thoughts (born out of over 50 year’s experience in equity investing) about current events... political and economic and their potential implications for the stock market.

Bill Kort is a 1968 graduate of the University of Wisconsin (BBA Marketing). He has been investing in stocks for over 53 years.  Bill began his career in the brokerage business as a retail stockbroker in 1970 with a Kansas City based regional firm H.O. Peet & Co. Inc.  Peet was acquired in 1978 by Kidder, Peabody.  This marked a turning point in his career as he moved his business to the institutional (wholesale) side of the firm, selling the firm’s equity research and syndicate products to banks, investment advisors, insurance companies and mutual funds. In 1990 Bill joined St. Louis based A.G. Edwards as one of their first hires in the development of a fledgling institutional business.  Seventeen years later Edwards was sold to Wachovia.  The following year, in the depths of the financial crisis, Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo. In 2012 Bill retired from Wells Fargo to manage his own money, try his hand at blogging and enjoy life with his wife of 44 years, his children and grandchildren.
Last Week's Meeting
September 20, 2018
The meeting was called to order by Pres. Kara Bennett, who is now almost three months into her term of office, and is doing a great job of enlivening the meetings and energizing the Club’s committees with new initiatives. Song Master Charlie Huffman led us in a rousing “My Country Tis of Thee”, with the piano player, C. Bolte, on the keyboard from somewhere in a dark corner of the stage. Alan Warne delivered a thoughtful invocation, and Mandy introduced our guests. Earlier the Rotary Book Discussion Group had greeted arrivals.
Noted Club Anniversaries included Bill Popplewell (39 years) and Harlan Stamper (35 years.)
Kara reported that Club member Henry Leonard is recovering from brain surgery and would welcome notes of support from Club members.
P.P. Peter Ho introduced a new member, Dr. Kimberly Beatty who is the chancellor of the Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City. Welcome aboard, Dr. Beatty!
D. King spoke his latest subject, Karl Bublitz.
P. Kara introduced our speaker for the day, Wendy Guillies, who is the President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation.  Her topic was “The Future of Work and Learning in Kansas City.”
After reviewing founder Ewing Marion Kauffman’s dreams for the work of the Foundation and its focus on education, Ms. Guillies talked about the Foundation’s programs which are designed to improve the outcomes of traditional educational programs, especially for young entrepreneurs and disadvantaged students.  She covered three major program areas, Education and Entrepreneurship, Learning Together, and Local Roots, National Impact, and reviewed the statistical results of numerous studies, including: The biggest net job creators in the nation are new and young companies. Minorities are half as likely as non-minorities to own employer businesses. An example of the changing business climate:  In 1962, Eastman Kodak employed 75,000 people.  In 2013, that number was down to 6,300 people. Entrepreneurs need new opportunities for access to venture capital. She then talked about the Foundation’s hands on programs to demonstrate the effectiveness of new educational programs.
Ms. Guillies’ remarks were most interesting and thorough. If you were not present, I strongly encourage you to visit the Club’s page on Facebook (Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13), where you will find a recording of her program. 
If you are resisting getting on Facebook, you will do yourself a big favor by overcoming your reluctance. It is very easy. Just enter, and follow the prompts to create an account.
If you’re comfortable with using the Internet, but need help with getting onto Facebook, I would be happy to help. Just give me a call at 816 510-6304.  Don’t bug Mandy about it. She has plenty of other things to do.
Once you’ve mastered getting to the Club’s Facebook account, you then will have access to all of the “People of Rotary” reports.  I hear they’re pretty good.
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**
Rotary Food Fight
District 6040 FOOD FIGHT Update:
As you all know, our own District Governor-Elect Mark Horner challenged current D.G. Julie McCoy to a “food fight” to see which of two teams made from all the clubs within Rotary District 6040 can collect the most food, money and volunteer hours between now and October 19th.
The gauntlet was thrown, and now it’s up to us!  Here is an update of our activities:
1.    Please join us 5:30 – 8:00pm on Tuesday, October 9th at Harvesters (3801 Topping Avenue KCMO 64129) to sort and repackage donated product at the Harvesters Volunteer Engagement Center for a two-hour shift. This is our hands-on opportunity to contribute to the Rotary District FOOD FIGHT, and we earn 10 points for every volunteer hour we volunteer! We will meet in the Hunger Awareness Center at 5:30 p.m. for a light dinner prior to our volunteer time.  There will also be a tour of Harvesters state-of-the-art facility prior to the start of our shift for those attendees who are interested. You will be amazed to see their facility!
       Rotary Club 13 members, spouses and guests are strongly encouraged to participate! Hope to have a group of at least 20. Volunteers must be eight years old or older to participate, students 15 years old and younger need to be accompanied by an adult.  Closed-toed shoes are required. Please email to register for this important event so we order the right number of dinners. Oh, and no pie throwing allowed! 😊…
2.    Harvesters will deliver food collection barrels or boxes to sites we designate during the first two weeks of October and pick them back up one week later. We’re creating a laminated sign “Rotary in Action, Partnering with Harvesters” to create awareness of our club. If you work at a business or office where we can place one of these barrels for just one week, please contact me at to register. Five of our members have already signed up! Harvesters has an unlimited number of barrels, and this is a terrific way to involve as many people as possible in our food drive. We earn one point for every pound of food we collect. Will you host a barrel (or box) at your business?
3.    Lastly, watch for the link to our personalized Harvesters’ New Virtual Food drive! They are setting up a link which can even be accessed by our mobile devices! The VFD will be open October 1-15. We earn 4 points for every dollar donated.
At the end of our food drive Harvesters will not only tally our results, but will also provide an actual “meals provided” figure; so we’ll really know what we’ve accomplished!
Stay tuned for updates and get ready to participate in our FOOD FIGHT!
Youth Camp Update
This past Wednesday, the camp hosted a group of Seniors from Lee’s Summit High School. The students completed community service hours at the Camp by, moving the Outpost tables and benches to the storm shelter, mulching the new trees and prepping a planting area for next spring. Hat’s off to them for coming out on such a hot day!
Laurie and Alli (our Social Media Guru) were the speakers at the South Kansas City Rotary Club on Wednesday. As Alli was explaining how to connect with the Camp on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram they pulled out their phones and friended/followed the Camp. If you haven’t friended/followed the Camp yet, here is how: for Facebook search for Rotary Youth Camp; Instagram search for Rotaryyouthcamp; and Twitter search @RotaryCamp. Feel free to like/comment/share our posts with your friends!
Saturday, while Laurie was on the Dunn Ranch trip with the KC Indian Center and Club 13 members, Ranger Parker checked in a group of Boy Scouts from Weston who were going to spend the afternoon sailing on Lake Jacomo. They had a successful sailing adventure and checked out on Sunday morning after completing their service project (mulching trees).
This week the Camp will host a group of 120 middle school students from Campbell Middle School in Lee’s Summit. They are holding a leadership conference at Cassell Hall. Then this weekend a Cub Scout Pack will be using the Camp for their Family Campout.
Rotary Camp is open and busy all year!
Board Meeting Recap for Sept.

The Board of Directors Meeting was held Wednesday, September 12. There were three guests at the meeting; Courtney Brooks and Jared Campbell, who were in attendance to present information to the board about the Satellite Club, and Tom Davis to present info on District Grants.

The typical agenda was flipped, with club business being discussed first, in order to allow Courtney and Jared to present their report. The Satellite club will meet once a month 5:30-6:30, meetings will have appetizers and drinks. Members of the Satellite club will be members of Club 13. The goal is to charter with 8 members with dues of $435/year. The board asked questions and discussed how to keep the Satellite club members involved with Club 13 and vice versa. A motion was made to create a standing committee of the club, called the Satellite Club, and invite a member of said committee to attend board meetings as a liaison. The motion carried. The first Satellite club meeting will be October 23, 2018.
Tom Davis also presented information to the board, regarding District Grants. There will be a lot of money coming into the District during Joe Privitera’s year as president due to money raised three years ago during the Centennial of the Foundation. So, we will have an opportunity for more grants and the process is being advanced into this year. April 1 is the deadline for District Simplified grants, matched 3 to 1. (up to $10,000 +)  There was discussion of potential projects - combining with other clubs to do a large project for the camp, i.e. all the things needed for the Nurse’s Station. Tom encouraged the board to think about these things now, as the deadline will be very early next year. On Global Grants, there will be $50,000 available for international projects. i.e. the tablets for Zambian schools. No club finance commitment.
Club Business continued with a review and vote on the proposed Venture Fund projects that had been approved by the Community Service Committee. All of the project proposals were approved.
The board then approved membership changes, including new member applications and resignations. The Treasurer’s report was reviewed including club financials. A Finance Committee meeting will be scheduled to discuss ongoing finance reviews, past dues, etc.
The Calendar for the next month was reviewed and meeting adjourned.
Banner Exchange Around the World
While at the Rotary International Convention in June, Marc Horner received a club banner from a gentleman named Emmanuel Onuoha, who is the President-elect of the Rotary Club of Kampala Muyenga Breeze in Uganda/Tanzania. In return, Marc mailed the Club 13 banner to Emmanuel and he presented it to his club recently. Proof of how Rotary connects people all around the world! The Kampala Muyenga Breeze banner is now hanging at the Rotary Youth Camp.