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By President Kara Bennett
The first Venture Fund request was passed by the Rotary Board of Directors last week. The request will move to the Disbursement Committee for funding.
The Ecology Committee, chaired by Dick Retrum requested $2,305.00 from the Venture Fund to provide a field trip to the Dunn Ranch. Jan Armstrong came up with the idea and, has been working on this for months with other committee members. Around 40 American Indian Students from the Heart of American Indian Center in Kansas City, MO will be bussed to the Dunn Ranch which is 20 miles west of Eaglesville, MO for an adventure on the native Prairie on Saturday, September 22nd.
The group will ride on large wagons pulled by tractors around the property to see the prairie and learn about all the natural grasses and flowers that grow there. There will also be a herd of at least 100 bison that they will see up close. There will be a picnic style lunch in a large covered outdoor shelter with a grill for cooking bison burgers and hot dogs. During this break a few of the students will perform an Indian dance.
After lunch there will be a demonstration of how a machine strips the seeds from the grasses. These seeds are sold to other preservation groups to plant on lands all over the country.
The Ecology Committee will provide transportation, port-a-potties and food for this event.
Closer to the event more details will become available. I know there are many of us that do not want to miss this adventure.
The Community Service Committee will meet the 3rd Thursday of this month. I am confident more Venture Fund request will be reviewed and passed to the Rotary Board of Directors for a vote.
Keep the “good” ideas coming!

Aug 16, 2018
Watching the Watchmen
Aug 23, 2018
Aug 30, 2018
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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
This Week's Meeting
August 9, 2018
Last Week's Meeting
August 2, 2018
For every person who has attended a 4-year accredited college, you were probably told by the admittance counselor that you would be required to take a math and science course. Now when you attended your first class on the opening day of school, you may have felt like many of us did on Thursday, listening to Lt. Col John H. Modinger explain to us: "Are we at war with China?"   His answer was yes - now the question is what kind of war.
Is it a power war - a Tariff war, a nuclear war, a psychological war, or all of them.  Yes, his lecture felt like my first day in a science class at the University of Missouri.  He was way over my head.
He went on to say that much of what China does is none of our business.  He pointed out their myriad of problems, starting with what they are going to do with their middle class, to the millions of square feet of living space in all of their cities and no one to occupy it. He talked about Taiwan - how they have represented China and how much China hates that country.
China is an interesting study of people, places and things. My wife and I were there in 1989.  Bicycles every where.  A Billion, one hundred million people and they have added 3 million people since that time. China buys more Buick automobiles then does America.
Rotarian Bill Buckner introduced Colonel Modinger.  He is teaching at Ft. Leavenworth.  He has many degrees, part of his background is flying KC
135's.  This is a plane meant to refuel B-47's.  I owe my life to these pilots and these aircrafts.
The Buzz Saw lists many of his accomplishments, and his Bio.  A graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans. He is a part of SAC (Strategic Air Command). He has taught at the Air Force Academy and we are very fortunate to have been in the audience to hear his remarks.
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Shoes for Orphan Souls Delivered to Guatemala
Club 13 Rotarians Joan Caulfield and Alan Warne traveled with District 6040 to Guatemala two weeks ago to deliver shoes to orphan souls. We are very proud of Joan and Alan for their Service above Self. Way to "Be the Inspiration" to the children of Guatemala!
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Today's Trivia...
The famous Mary Poppins song "A Spoonful of Sugar" was actually inspired by the polio vaccine. Songwriter Robert Sherman was having a hard time coming up with a catchy song for Julie Andrews' hit movie. Inspiration struck him one night when his children told him all about their polio vaccine they received at school. They said it didn’t hurt because the polio vaccine was placed on a sugar cube. And now you know...