This Week's Meeting
March 16, 2023
This Week's Speaker is Vivien Jennings. Her topic is: "Stories and Adventures from Rainy Day Books."
Vivien's insatiable interest in reading started when she was a child. She likes to read just about everything, and reads for enlightenment and entertainment. She has a photographic memory, so she can read quickly, and with full comprehension and detail. In a given Week, she will likely read a thriller, some history, a couple of works of fiction to recommend for Book Clubs, and usually something new on wellness. She reads a lot about the alternative approach to wellness, because she likes to encourage people to be well in mind, body and spirit, and pro-actively care for themselves and others.
Black Archives Lunch & Learn
On March 9th, 24 Rotarians and their guests attended a lunch and tour at the Black Archives of Mid-America. The Archives is located in the Parade Park Maintenance Building at 1722 East 17th Terrace in the 18th & Vine Historic District.
Entertainment Committee Chair Kara Bennett welcomed everyone as they dove into tasty box lunches.  Following lunch, President Eric greeted everyone and thanked Kara for organizing the event and Carmaletta Williams, the Black Archives Executive Director, for hosting the group. 
Ms. Williams gave a brief overview of the Archives. She told the group that the Black Archives is an educational resource and provides access to its collections for research, exhibition and publication to honor our community heritage and to catalyze public awareness. She then showed a short but powerful video that told the story of an armed mob of white men who in 1897 brutally lynched Erastus Brown, a Black husband and father of two, in Union, Missouri. Mr. Brown was no more than 20 years old at the time of his death.
The meeting ended with the recitation of the Four Way Test. The group then toured the Museum.
Shoes for Orphan Souls
It’s that time of the year again! District 6040 will partner with Buckner International to improve the lives of underprivileged children worldwide, in the USA and in our home community. A new pair of shoes will give a child better health and the opportunity to improve their education and hope. 
The Kansas City Club 13 International Committee will end it’s 22nd year of the Shoes for Orphan Souls Campaign on Thursday, April 20th to get onto the city-wide caravan Saturday, the 29th of April at Truman Presidential Library.
We were thrilled with the first annual pickleball tournament, but are still a ways from lasts years 1009 shoes & 516 pairs of socks raised. Talk about big shoes to fill in Linn Mills retiring as chair.
We need your help to make up the difference. Tiny Shoes will be on Lunch Tables for rotary lunch March 30th and April 8th so remember you cash!
Here are some amazing tidbits from Larry Lunsford & Buckner:
  • Destination:  Guatemala & the Dominican Republic this year
  • SHOE GOAL:  15,199 pairs of shoes (400,000 in 22 years)
  • SOCKS GOAL:  4,409 pairs of socks (50,000 in 22 years)
Suppose you wish to make a financial contribution? Please make your check payable to Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation and note “Shoes for Orphan Souls” on the memo. Mail your donation to Tucker Clark: 5200 W. 57th St. Roeland Park, KS, 66205. This is the same location shoe shoppers will drop of for storage until the caravan in late April. Questions, comments, concerns, or know anyone high up at Nike or Adidas? Please reach out anytime at or (913)707-1351.
Thank you from the International Committee for your support of the 2022 Shoes for Orphan Souls Campaign. And, one final shout out to Linn Mills for all her hard work as chair in the past.
Satellite Club
The Rotary 13 Satellite Club will meet on Thursday, March 30, at Minsky’s Pizza, 5105 Main Street, Kansas City, MO. at 5:30 PM. Please note that the Satellite Club has changed its monthly meeting day from the 4th Tuesday to the last Thursday of each month. The group met at Minsky’s Pizza in February, liked the venue and will continue to meet at that location.  All Club 13 Rotarians are welcome to attend Satellite Club meetings.
Book Discussion Group
Please join the Rotary Book Discussion Group for the discussion of the book Booth by Karen Joy Fowler.  The book is available at Rainy Day Books and the discussion will be led by Vivien Jennings.  All Rotarians and guests are welcome. The group will meet at Rainy Day Books, however, Zoom will be available for those you cannot attend in person.
Date: Monday, April 3, 2023, 6:30 PM
Location: Rainy Day Books
2706 West 53rd Street
Mission, KS 66205
About the book:
In 1822, a secret family moves into a secret cabin some thirty miles northeast of Baltimore, to farm, to hide, and to bear ten children over the course of the next sixteen years.  Junius Booth – breadwinner, celebrated Shakespearean actor, and master of the house in more ways than one – is at once a mesmerizing talent and a man of terrifying instability.  One by one the children arrive, as year by year, the country draws frighteningly closer to the boiling point of secession and civil war.
As the tenor of the world shifts, the Booths emerge from their hidden lives to cement their place as one of the country[s leading theatrical families.  But the behind the curtains of the many stages they have graced, multiple scandals, family triumphs, and criminal disasters begin to take their toll, and the solemn siblings of John Wilkes Booth are left to reckon with the truth behind the destructively specious promise of an early prophecy. 
Sleep in Heavenly Peace Build Day - April 1
We invite you, your family and your friends to join Club 13 and Sleep in Heavenly Peace for our next Build Day on Saturday, April 1, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm! We will join the Blue Springs and Independence Clubs on this project, which is taking place with the help of a District Grant! Click the link to sign up. (scroll all the way to the bottom to find the sign up list - be sure to click on Club 13)
We'd love everyone to come so we can continue Doing Good While Having Fun! The process is seamless and it is an incredibly enjoyable time. Everything we need is there for us including snacks and water. 
Here is a video to give you insight on what the various jobs will be, please note whether you're bringing an 8 year-old or an 80 year-young, WE NEED YOU! No experience necessary - you don't have to be handy or have carpentry skills!
 *Please note this is a build day meaning we are prepping all the raw material received from Lowe's to go out for delivery and assembly on another day.
SHP provides beds for children in Jackson and Northern Cass County who otherwise would be sleeping on the floor. They also worked with other agency when emergency placement is needed to get the beds built and delivered into foster homes.

Rotary Youth Camp
Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 8 AM – Noon
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Kill Devil Club
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 
Upcoming Events
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Pkwy lanes
Mar 22, 2023 4:30 PM
Bagel Run
Mar 25, 2023
Ramblin' Rotarians to Independence Rotary
West Side Cafe
Mar 28, 2023
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Pkwy Lanes
Mar 29, 2023 4:30 PM
Satellite Club Meeting
Minsky's Pizza
Mar 30, 2023
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Sleep in Heavenly Peace Build Day
SHP Shop
Apr 01, 2023
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
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Mar 23, 2023
Mar 30, 2023
We encourage you to attend the Satellite Club Meeting
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Join us!
Independence Rotary Club
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Noon – 1:00 PM
West Side Café
201 N. Forest Ave,
Independence, MO
Lunch Cost $12.50
Click here to sign up!

Bowling News
By Tim Tholen
Hello Rotary Club 13!
Our bowling league met last week for another spirited night of bowling. And what a night it was!!
Jared Ho 5/10
Kay Roscoe 5/7
200 games:
Joey Grimsley 219
Curtis Grimsley 224
Matt Ho went 223, 224 and for his 3rd game, a 289! He missed one pin in the 10th!! Series totaled 757, a personal best for game and series!! Look out St Louis!!
Have a great week!

Rotary Youth Camp Update
by Laurie Mozley
The robins have decided that spring is here.  There were over 35 “bob-bob-bobbin’ along“ through camp this morning!

March Birthdays
David Schmidt, 3/2
Steve Dicus, 3/3
Lee Brumitt, 3/3
Tim Tholen, 3/3
Wade Freeman, 3/5
Kara Bennett, 3/6
Quint Hall, 3/8
Richard Atlas, 3/9
Sally Bibb, 3/10
Doug Nelson, 3/13
Richard Simonson, 3/13
Harlan Stamper, 3/24
Lisa Hickok, 3/24
Matt Meyer, 3/27
Mathew Petersen, 3/29
Julio Dotel, 3/30