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This Week's Meeting
May 5, 2022
Our speaker this week is Tom Waggoner, T. Waggoner Design & Consulting. His topic will be: "Designed in Kansas City - How Kansas City Became the Sports Architecture Capital of the World."
Tom Waggoner, AIA is a 1982 graduate of the College of Architecture & Design at Kansas State University. Since 1988 he has focused his career in the sports facility design market- mainly on collegiate types of projects. In 2004 he and others established 360 Architecture in Kansas City. HOK acquired 360 in 2015 where Waggoner served as Managing Principal until 2018. He founded T WAGGONER DESIGN + CONSULTING in 2020 and currently serves as a consultant in the planning & design of numerous university sports facilities. Waggoner lives in Fairway, Kansas with his wife Peggy Perry Waggoner. They have two daughters both working in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction industry in Kansas City.
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Last Week's Meeting
April 28, 2022
President Tony Andresen called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Matt Meyer provided a thoughtful prayer Invocation.  Tony welcomed guests, Club Members and a non-Club 13 Rotarian. 
Club  Anniversaries: Karl Bublitz  (37 yrs, April 25th), Terry DeFraties  (27 yrs, April 27th), Howard Mick (37 yrs, April 27th), Bill Murphy (1 yr, April 28th), *Karl Roscoe (34 yrs, April 28th), Richard  Atlas (29 yrs, April 29th), John Reynolds (35 yrs, April 30th).
Sick Bay: Karl Roscoe* is in the hospital and seriously ill. We are asking you to participate in a greeting card campaign and send Karl a note or card wishing him well. (8210 Locust, KCMO 64131).
New Member Introduction: Jared Campbell introduced Linda Zesch. Linda shared her background of graduating from KU, working for IBM for 21 years, working for an IBM partner in Bartlesville, OK, and having her own online side business of “Linda’s Gourmet Cookies”. Linda, now retired, has always heard of good things that Rotary does and wants to be involved. Welcome  Linda !
ANNOUNCEMENTS: We thank our Greeters – members of the Community Service Committee. Shoes for Orphan Souls – Linn Mills update:  we have 776 pairs of shoes & 175 pairs of socks. May 21st is the delivery date at 9 am.  Tucker Clark is in charge this year on the 9 am delivery. Congrats  Rotary Bowlers: KC won the travelling trophy against the St. Louis bowlers. Landscaping Work Day at the Rotary Youth Camp– Saturday April 30th, 2022 (8 am to noon). Suburban Lawn & Garden – May 6th  eventCANCELLED  Dragon Boat Festival coming up on June 11th (Plaza – Brush Creek)
Jan  Armstrong introduced Mr. Sean Putney, a Club 13 Rotarian and the KC Zoo’s “new” Executive Director and CEO We have a seasoned and well experienced Rotarian at the helm. Sean had a 29 year career at the Catalina Island (California) Marine Institute, then 12 years at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo working his way through animal care to curator positions. In 2007 Sean joined the Kansas City Zoo as an animal curator for 5 years before being named the Director of Living Collections. In 2016 Sean became the Senior Director of Zoological Operations before his 2019 appointment as the Chief Zoological Officer, overseeing the Zoo’s animal collection, animal care staff, conservation program, veterinary health department and facilities.  In January 2022, Sean became the Kansas City Zoo’s new executive director/CEO after an extensive nationwide search.  
Sean will oversee the biggest project in the KC Zoo’s history, a $75 million aquarium, opening in 2023.   There are additional exhibits and improvements coming as well.  The KC Zoo will open the American Alligator Exhibit in May of 2022 (hey that’s this month!) Actually alligators can be trained.  There will be a clear glass wall to provide good site line and protections.  As a side note in the animal preservation world – American alligators almost went extinct before preservation actions saved them.  There are other building improvements, such as the Train Barn and the Sea Lion area.  Next Fall (2022) the KC Zoo will feature the Light Festival, which has been very impressive elsewhere – stayed tuned for later updates.
Make Waves KC”, the Aquarium structure will take patrons on a whole ocean path, in effect starting at the ocean’s shoreline and moving down the ocean depths before returning.  The following is a list of various areas/exhibits/tanks:  Warm Rocky Shore (Primary Animal {PA >} Fish, Urchin & Anemone); Mangrove Forest–Toco {PA >} Toco Toucan;  Tidal Creek {PA >}Upside-Down Jellyfish;  Shallow Beach {PA >}Shore birds & Flatfish; Sandy Shore {PA >}Sea Turtle & Small Sharks;  Tropical Lagoon {PA >} Colorful Fish, Stingrays & Sharks;  Salt Marsh {PA >}Fiddler Crab and Lined Seahorses; Shallow Lagoon {PA >} Clownfish;  Shallow Bottom {PA >}Eyed Flounder;  Sea Grass {PA >}Gulf Pipefish;  Live Coral {PA >}Coral, Urchin, Fish;  Reef Surface {PA >} Bermuda Chub;  Pacific Reef {PA >} Shark;   Pacific -Open Ocean {PA >} Blubber  Jelly;  Pelogic {PA >} Blubber Jelly; Deep Ocean Bottom {PA >} Isoped (looks like a big bug and cleans up the ocean floors of food leftovers from above);  Deep Ocean {PA >} Giant Japanese Spider Crab (world’s largest arthropod);  Rocky Cove {PA >} Peacock Mantis Shrimp;  Pacific Shelf {PA >} Giant Pacific Octopus (no bones and thus can squeeze into any space larger than its beak,  large brains and very smart; can change their bodies’ color & texture to match their backgrounds);  Temperate Reef {PA >}Moray Eel;  Ocean Forest {PA >} Pot-bellied Seahorse (male seahorses carry the babies);  Kelp Forest {PA >} Fish, Horn Shark and Leopard Shark;  Sandy Bottom {PA >} Cuttlefish (relative of the octopus and thus highly intelligent); Cold Ocean Floor {PA >}Monkeyface Prickleback;  Eel Grass Bed {PA >}Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker (terrible swimmers, but with modified pelvic fins, acting like suction cups, they can scurry around areas where heavy wave and tidal action is prevalent);  Rocky Shore {PA >} Sea Otter; Tide Pool Touch Tank {PA >} Urchin, Sea Star, and Horn Shark.     The KC Zoo is 18 months from opening the Aquarium.  Planning for 2024 & beyond has begun for KC families and guests to visit.
The Quote of the Day:“We can have a world of peace. We can move toward a world where we live in harmony with nature. Where we live in harmony with each other.  No matter what nation we come from. No matter what our religion. No matter what our culture. This is where we’re moving towards.”  Dr. Jane Goodall’s Message for #Peace Day 2018.
President Tony Andresen wrapped up the meeting with the Four Way Test.
Book Discussion Group
Please join the Rotary Book Discussion Group on Zoom for the discussion of the book Ripple: A Long Strange Search for a Killer by Jim Cosgrove.  The book is available at Rainy Day Books and the discussion will be led by Vivien Jennings.  All Rotarians and guests are welcome.
Event: Rotary Book Discussion Group
Date: Monday, May 23, 6:30 PM
Meet in person at Rainy Day Books but Zoom will also be available
About the book:
For nine years, South Carolina officials struggled to identify “the boy in the woods,” whose body had been discovered in a fishing village called Murrells Inlet.  Meanwhile, 1,200 miles away in Kansas City, Missouri, Frank McGonigle’s family search for him at Grateful Dead concerts and in the face of every long-haired hitchhiker they passed.  Consumed with guilt for how they’d treated him, Frank’s eight siblings slowly came to understand that –like Jerry Garcia sang –he’s gone and nothin’s gonna bring him back.  Frank McGonigle was finally found and identified as “the boy in the woods.”
Four years later, the case still unsolved, Jim Cosgrove, a McGonigle family friend and investigative journalist, pick up the trail of Frank’s cold case and began uncovering connections to a ruthless local crime boss and blunders by the threadbare sheriff’s department.  When his research began to stall, a chance meeting with a straight-talking “energy reader” provided a metaphysical spark that reinforced his resolve.  Although trained as a journalist to be skeptical, Cosgrove could not deny that she had provided details about Frank’s murder that turned out to be freakishly accurate.  In 2019, he returned to Murrells Inlet with one of Frank’s brothers to dredge up some old leads and settle Frank’s case once and for all.
Shoes for Orphan Souls 2022
Thank you to Rotary Club 13 for your generous cash contributions to Shoe Project 2022. Thus far, our dedicated shoppers have purchased 776 pairs of shoes and 122 pairs of socks.
We still have a long path to travel to match last year's contribution of socks and shoes to the Buckner International Organization.
Thank you to Chris Boland for volunteering his warehouse for shoes and socks storage. Members who want to deliver boxed shoes and socks to the warehouse, please contact Chris to arrange a time and date at 816-694-3669. Remember to place shoes and socks in separate boxes. Mark each box on the outside with the total number of shoes and socks inside. If you have a question regarding packing details, contact Linn at 505-402-6630.
The deadline for making financial contributions to the 2022 Shoe's for Orphan Souls Project is May 9th, 2022. Please make your checks payable to Kansas City Rotary Club Foundation and write "SHOES" on the memo line. Mail your donation to Linn Mills, 147 NW Pointe Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64116. Kansas City Club 13 will deliver shoes to the District Shoe Caravan on Saturday, May 21st, North Kansas City, MO, at 9:00 a.m.  
Keep in mind that this is an essential District 6040 project to help underprivileged children to have a better life. Every day in third world countries, children walk dirt paths covered with rocks and glass. Proper shoes are necessary to keep them safe and healthy.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Linn Mills at 505-402-6630,
Geeks for Kids - Final Build Day Of 2022
We have the opportunity to help at the final Geeks for Kids Build Day of 2022. 
When: Saturday, May 7th
Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm- You can stay all day and see a build through from beginning to end, or you can work just the morning or afternoon shift. The morning shift runs from 8:30am to 1:30pm, and the afternoon shift runs from 11:30am to 4:30pm.
Location: The Dean Underground, 1201 W 31st Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
To Fuel Your Engines, Drinks, lunch and snacks will be served
Please sign up for the events at It is very important that you register as you will receive follow up emails about the events. Please contact Eric Bubb at with any questions. 
Strings for Sprouts Concert May 7
SPROUTS & THE SYMPHONY - May 7, 2022 - 12:00 p.m.
Sprouts perform with the UMKC Conservatory Orchestra - all are welcome to attend. No Charge - however donations are appreciated to help with the cost of the concert, but again not required.
K.C., MO
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Gallery
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 
Upcoming Events
Women & Friends of Rotary
May 10, 2022
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
May 11, 2022
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Greater Kansas City Day
May 13, 2022
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Monarchs Opening Game
Legends Field
May 13, 2022
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Bagel Run
May 14, 2022
Bagel Run
May 21, 2022
Satellite Club Meeting
Tower Tavern
May 24, 2022
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Bagel Run
May 28, 2022
Geeks for Kids Delivery Day
Jun 04, 2022
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
KC Current Game
Children's Mercy Park
Jun 18, 2022
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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May 12, 2022
Past, Present and Future of the Rotary Youth Camp
May 19, 2022
May 26, 2022
Jun 02, 2022
Rock Island Bridge: America's First Destination Bridge & Trailhead
Jun 09, 2022
What the Streetcar Expansion Brings to Kansas City
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The Rotary 13 Satellite Club met on Tuesday, April 26, in the upstairs room at the Brickhouse. After a short networking period, the group welcomed new member Francis Karanu. Satellite member, Robert Thompson, led a discussion on future Satellite social events and offered to host a Halloween party at his house again this year. He hosted the event in 2021 with a great turnout, good barbeque and lots of fun. He suggested a second social event could be a picnic at Loose Park this summer and the idea was tabled until next month. Other social events promoted were the Women of Rotary by Satellite member Evie Craig and Rotary Book Discussion Group by Past President Kara Bennett. There was a lengthy discussion on the many service projects offered by Club 13.  President Elect Eric Bubb gave an overview of the Geeks for Kids and the Sprouts project on May 7. Satellite member Dennis McKeehan encouraged members to participate in the upcoming April 30 Camp Work Day. Past President David Hanzlick talked about Greater Kansas City Day and suggested that the Satellite Club would sell hats as a team on May 13. The meeting ended with the Four Way Test. The next meeting is May 24th at Tower Tavern.

Youth Camp Update
By Laurie Mozley
We had quite an eventful weekend at the Rotary Camp! Over 200 Girl Scouts participated in a skills and craft event. The Ecology Committee planted seeds in what will become a sunflower garden behind the kitchen at the camp. Volunteers from Club 13 and the Lee’s Summit Rotary Club worked in the mud to get most of the landscaping around the new building planted. There is still some left to do, so if you are available, plan to help this Saturday morning. 

FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2022
Click here to sign up to sell caps on KC Day.

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