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Feb 09, 2017
Feb 16, 2017
Market Based Approaches for Safe Drinking Water in Developing Countries.
Feb 23, 2017
Recycle More at Work: An Important Partnership
Mar 02, 2017
The Continued Evolution of Crown Center
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Upcoming Events
Board of Directors Meeting
Feb 15, 2017 11:30 AM
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Feb 15, 2017 4:30 PM
Membership Committee Mtg
Back of Kill Devil
Feb 16, 2017 11:15 AM
Rotary Book Discussion Group
Rainy Day Books
Feb 20, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Rotary Bowling League
Ward Parkway Lanes
Feb 22, 2017 4:30 PM
Camp Enterprise Mtg
Kill Devil
Feb 23, 2017 11:00 AM
Camp Enterprise
Mar 04, 2017

Rotary Book Discussion Group
Monday, February 13, 2017
5:30 - 8:00 PM
Rainy Day Books
Please join us for Rotary Book Discussion Group for the discussion of the book “The Muralist” by B. A. Shapiro.  The book is available at Rainy Day Books and the discussion will be led by Vivien Jennings.  All Rotarians and guests are welcome.
About the book:
When Alizée Benoit, an American painter working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), vanishes  in New York City in 1940, no one knows what happened to her.  Not her Jewish family living in German-occupied France.  Not her artistic patron and political compatriot, Eleanor Roosevelt.  Not her close-knit group of friends, including Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Lee Krasner.  And, some seventy years later, not her great-niece, Danielle Abrams, who while working at Christie’s auction house uncovers enigmatic paintings hidden behind works by those now-famous Abstract Expressionist artists.  Do they hold answers to the questions surrounding her missing aunt?

Happy Birthday February Celebrants!
2/1   Fritz Zschietzschmann
2/4  Carl Bolte
2/4  Mandy Sheldon
2/5  Richard Helmuth
2/6  Christy Chester
2/6  Jeff Hornsby
2/8  Doug Anderson
2/15  Terry O'Toole
2/20  Overton Durrett
2/20  Chuck Eddy
2/23  Bret Farrar
2/23  Patricia Wyatt
2/24  Paul Searcy
2/25  Ed Corley
2/26  Myron Sildon
2/27  Patrick O'Malley

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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
The Gallery
61 E. 14th Street
Kansas City, MO 64105
This Week's Meeting
This Week's Meeting
February 9,2017
Spouse's Day!
This week our speaker is Tony Jones, Nerman Family President - Kansas City Art Institute.

Our Speaker this week is Dr. Tony Jones. Dr. Jones is an internationally known British arts administrator, broadcaster, writer, and historian of art and design, who is currently the President of Kansas City Art Institute.  Among several leadership positions he served as the Director of the Glasgow School of Art (1980-1986), and was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as Director of the Royal College of Art, London (1991-1996), and also served as the President of School of the Art Institute of Chicago, retiring in 2013 as Chancellor of the Art Institute. 

He has published several books and many essays on art and design, curated numerous international exhibitions, and has hosted several television and radio programmes for the BBC in the UK. He is a recognized authority on the development of art, design and architecture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in particular the work of architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Celtic Revival designer Archibald Knox. He has been conferred the Honorary Directorship of the Osaka University of the Arts, Japan, is Honorary Professor of the University of Wales, was conferred the Austrian Cross for services to European education, and also a UK-US Fulbright Scholar. He was conferred the Honorary Doctorate of University of Glasgow, as well as four other Honorary Doctorates, was made an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects, is the Senior Fellow of the Royal College of Art, London, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and received the Award of Distinction of the American National Council of Arts Administrators, and the American Lawyers for the Arts.


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Last Week's Meeting
Last week's Meeting
February 2, 2017
Peter Ho began our meeting at 12:14 pm on a cold Ground Hog Day with the microphone letting out a screeching sound to I guess make sure everyone was awake and not hibernating.  There weren't any Greeters this week and our patriotic song leader was Chuck Eddy for God Bless America with the legendary Carl Bolte playing the piano.  Peter Ho was our leader for the Pledge of Allegiance and Jerry Cooke provided a wonderful Invocation focusing on food, friends, Rotary, inclusion of every faith, but more importantly talked about the importance of love.  David Harvey was our Welcomer for only one guest today (we need to invite more of our friends and colleagues).
Peter Ho gave us a reminder to make sure and give to the 50/50 drawing which later was won by Bob Lager this week.  Linn Mills is leading our Shoes for Orphan Souls drive and they provided shoes at each table and encouraged Rotarians to put money into the shoes.  We also watched a great video regarding the campaign.  Matt Burkhart was featured as our leader, but he's moved to St. Louis.  Tom Davis presented Paul Harris Awards to Brad Kleindl, Peter Ho +3, Jan Armstrong +6 (WOW!), and Tom Davis +2.  
Spouse's Day is next Thursday, February 9th so please RSVP to Mandy if your significant other is attending.  Dick Retrum told us one more time to make sure and RSVP to attend the Fabulous Lipitones on Thursday evening, February 9th.  Katie, our guest, told us about the Rotaract Club and we need donations.  It's know as Camp Rise 2017 and will be held July 13th to 18th, 2017 for youth ages 8 to 13 which typically come from homeless situations.  Please donate to this camp if possible.  
Peter Ho introduced our guest speaker, Tom Gerend who is the Executive Director for the KC Streetcar Authority.  His topic was Everything You Want to Know about the Kansas City Steetcar.  Tom Gerend is married with 3 daughters and lives in the Old Briarcliff neighborhood.  He spends most of his free time downtown riding the streetcar to the River Market and Library and has lived in the KC area for about 10 years now.
Tom started out by saying the last operating streetcar before May, 2016 was in 1957 in Kansas City so a number of Rotarians likely rode on the streetcars 60 years ago.  The current streetcar line is just over 2 miles running from the City Market to Union Station.  The streetcar averages over 6,000 cars per day and 1.3M riders since opening in May, 2016 and on a typical Saturday will have 12,000 riders!  Tom also noted there are 3,000+ residential units being developed near the streetcar lines and 10 new hotels.  We also have new grocery stores, dining, and drinking establishments popping up along the streetcar line.  There have been zero arrest since the streetcar began and 58% growth in sales tax.
Some future goals are to sustain the current system and extend the streetcar to UMKC going down Main Street.  Tom and his team are currently working with Maincor to make this happen.  Another possibility is extending the streetcar to the riverfront and this is currently undergoing a feasibility study for 6 months.  Other cities interested in extending the streetcar both West (KCKS) & East (Independence) are being considered as well.  Tom noted they have also partnered with Visit KC.  Steve Burger mentioned his wife is handicap and there are major issues finding parking in order to ride the streetcar.  Tom said they have a lot of free parking in the City Market, but noted finding free parking at Union Station is much more difficult.  Tom also noted the demand to live in downtown KCMO is only rising because of the streetcar and this is from every age group, not just millennials, etc.  Tom stated the average wait time is about 10 to 12 minutes between cars and the targeted goal is 10 minutes.  There are 3 cars running at any given time.
Our speaker next week for Spouse's Day will be Tony Jones, President of the KC Art Institute.  Our closing slide was "Each person must live their life as a model for others" - Rosa Parks
**REMINDER - You can watch past programs on our YouTube Channel. Click below.
Rotaract KC's Camp Rise
When school is out for the summer, most children are thrilled. However, for more than 8,000 children experiencing homelessness in the Greater Kansas City area, this is often a scary and stressful time. Thousands lose stability, access to daily free meals and a place to feel safe and cared for. Most homeless shelters do not accept unaccompanied youth under 18 and there are minimal options for children of working parents who cannot afford day-care.
Rotaract Kansas City’s CAMP RISE seeks to provide a safe, engaging and activity packed summer camp for youth ages 8-13 who are currently homeless in Kansas City. CAMP RISE aims to celebrate independence, resilience and empowerment. Our campers will gain new and exciting experiences, valuable life-skills and most importantly, the freedom to be a kid away from the strain and uncertainty of homeless living.
Click here to learn more about Camp Rise and how we can help!
Bowling News
Henrik (Shockingly Consistent) Andersen rolled a 232 today with six strikes in a row. His high game for the season... so far. His son, Michael Andersen
bowled as a sub on the team bowling against Henrik. Dad didn't want to offer any advice on how to improve his game. Michael might become a full time replacement. If so, everyone will provide encouragement and support. 
Breaking news.  The date for the Columbia MO. trip to play the St. Louis Rotary Club is set for Tuesday April 25th.  More details will be provided in a later column.  The only change in this year's trip will be where we stop for lunch. Our usual spot will not be open for business on April 25th.  Suggestions would be appreciated.
The chase for the high pin count trophy might be out of reach for anyone but John Lawrence.  He is comfortably in the lead by 1,214 pins.  Mary Tikwart bowled 33 pins over her average and Patrick Lawrence was 42 pins over his average.