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This Week's Meeting
July 8, 2021
This week's meeting Speaker is Carlos Gomez, President, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. His topic is "Kansas City’s Hispanic Business Community; Importance, Growth and Challenges."
Carlos Gomez began his duties with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City and with the Hispanic Collaborative (Foundation of the Chamber) on Jan. 29, 2007.  Carlos’s focus for the Chamber is to ensure the Chamber is meeting the needs of the Small Business Community(in particular the Spanish Speaking Business Owner), lobbying for Small Business Legislation, Comprehensive Immigration Reform and to connect Corporate America, Government and others to the Hispanic Business Community and the Hispanic consumer.

Mr. Gomez graduated from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas with a double degree, a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and a B.B.A. in Management.  Carlos has extensive branding experience from the Retail Sector, working for Electronic Retail Giant Best Buy in Management for 18 years.   Carlos is Credited with Best Buy’s Implementation of  Latin Music throughout the company, assisting with the first test Market store for the Company.  Carlos’s involvement with the community is vast, he is a former Planning Commissioner for the City of Topeka, chairing fundraisers for Our Lady of Guadalupe Grade School, volunteering with Junior Achievement, El Centro of Topeka, the west Topeka Rotary Club, The Topeka Chamber of Commerce and is on the Boards of Swope Medical Enterprises, The Kansas Business Hall of Fame, EDC Board, and Full Employment Council to name a few.

Under Carlos’s Leadership the Chamber is now the 11th Largest Chamber in the Kansas City Metro out of 40 plus Chambers/Business membership organizations according to Ingrams and is the 15th Largest Chamber in the Region according to the Kansas City Business Journal.  The Hispanic Chamber has implemented a very successful Small business Contracting Program, “Procurement One on Ones” which now take place quarterly matching small businesses to Corporate, Government, Medical, & Educational buyers.  Carlos also serves as the Executive Director of the Greater Kansas City Hispanic Collaborative which is the 501c3 sister organization to the Hispanic Chamber. Four programs comprise the Collaborative, KC Bizfest, the Latinos of Tomorrow, the Young Latino Professionals and The Latino Leadership Institute which was established to teach Hispanics and Women how to serve on boards and commissions.  The Chamber has also launched a Series of workshops and Seminars that are facilitated in Spanish to serve the needs of the growing Spanish speaking business Community.

Carlos believes and places his focus on small business, he knows that if small business is successful than all businesses will be successful.  Carlos’s philosophy for business really cultivated during his two year tenure as a City Planning Commissioner for the City of Topeka, which included rezoning, conditional use permits, street vacations, planned unit developments, and subdivision plat, comprehensive land use planning, including the creation and adoption of the development of the 2025 Land Use and Growth Management Plan for the City of Topeka, historic preservation planning, and The Topeka Parks plan.  Carlos believes that Proper Planning and Zoning is essential for business and the community to thrive.

We will be meeting in person this week at the Gallery, however a Zoom link for this meeting will be emailed to members who cannot attend in person. If you would like to visit as a guest, please email Executive Director Mandy Sheldon.

Please continue to check our Facebook page and for updates.
Last Week's Meeting
July 1, 2021
The “COG” (Changing of the Guard) meeting in the dining hall at the Rotary Youth Camp began after people had gone through the meal line.  According to my unofficial count, there were about 45 members and guests attending.  Outgoing P. David Hanzlick began the meeting with a greeting, followed by Carl Bolte at the piano and Woody Davis leading us in a singing of “God Bless America”.  What a difference it made to be singing for real, in person, no ZOOM recording!
After we recited the Pledge to the Flag, Dan Doty brought forth a thoughtful invocation.  Scott Holsman introduced two guests.
Members noting club anniversaries included Jim Winn, 12 years; Dennis McKeehan, 13 years.
The one big announcement was a reminder that our next meeting (on July 8) will be our first return meeting at the Gallery.  I believe the plan is to also broadcast the meeting on ZOOM for the benefit of those members who cannot attend in person.
We then proceeded with the COG ceremony, with P. Hanzlick reviewing his year, and incoming P. Andresen discussing his plans and goals for the coming year.  The sound system in the building made it very difficult to understand the speakers.  Fortunately, both men were kind enough to give me their notes.  So, here are brief summaries of their remarks:
P. Hanzlick – his goals for his year:
1.  Develop the membership, in numbers and in dedication to the ideal of service above self.  The total membership declined 12 members, most of which were due to deaths.  We were fortunate to hold the decline to about 5 percent, given the difficult (ZOOM) circumstances of our meetings.
2.  Increase member participation in service – through committees and service projects.
3.  Maintain our focus on the Youth Camp through volunteer opportunities on the property and maintenance of its financial foundation.
  1.  Raised $21k toward repayment of the $50K to our Foundation for the Paul Harris House.
  2. Created strategic plan for sustaining the funding of the Youth Camp.
  3. A taskforce to ID specific strategies for camp funding.
  4. A taskforce to manage the Venture Fund.
  5. Increased participation in Camp projects from all Club levels.
  6. Conducted Bill Brown Coat Drive
  7. A new kind of Greater KC Day – with the KC Monarchs and Hyvee
  8. Ongoing meetings of committees and a club assembly
  9. Initiated the Mariposa Monarch Project with various partners, led by Jan Armstrong.
  10. Successful Shoes for Orphan Souls shoe drive
  11. Business Exec. of the year – Jeffrey Jones of H&R Block
  12. Continued the Bagel Run
  13. Held several safe and socially distanced events
  14. Installed a hydration in Berkley Park
  15. Promoting growth of the Satellite Club
  16. Participated in the Literacy Project
  17. Frequent calls by board members to members to check in with them throughout the pandemic
  18. Several new projects supported by the Venture Fund and members volunteering.
Incoming P. Andresen then took the podium with the following remarks:
Thanks to all who have worked especially hard during the last trying pandemic year.
The new Club Board consists of Eric Bubb, Tom Davis, David Hanzlick, Lee Brumitt, Kelvin Beatty, Barbara Dolci, Sherri Hahn, Brad Kleindl, and Linn Mills.
The speaker at next week’s LIVE meeting at the Gallery will be Carlos Gomez, Pres. & CEO of the Hispanic C. of C.
A major emphasis of the year will be increasing the Club’s diversity of its members, so that the Club represents all of Kansas City.  Making this happen will be a tall order, and will require the efforts of all Club members. 
Yes, it is possible that we can grow the Club membership from aprx. 200 to 225 members in the year.
All committees are looking for more members to advance their areas of focus.  Quickly, here are the committee chairs:
Steve Burger – Programs
Todd Newton – Entertainment
Jared Campbell – Membership
Barbara Dolci – Comm. Service & the Venture Fund
Evie Craig – Downtown
David King – Weekly Scribes
Charlie Huffman – Music
Jan Armstrong – Ecology
Kim Beatty – Education Excellence
Sherri Hahn – Literacy & Lead to Read
Brad Kleindl – International Service
Scott Holsman – Social Media
The meeting closed with the usual recitation of the 4-Way Test.
Hydration Station Celebration
Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the Hydration Station at Berkley Riverfront. This is a great new Rotary Water Project in partnership with Port KC and Rotary District 6040 grant funding! 
Member Spotlight
One of our members, Melissa Jones with Habitat for Humanity was featured in the Independent's "Philanthropy Matters" last week. Congrats Melissa on your recognition!
July Birthdays
July Birthday Celebrants
Brad Kleindl, 7/1     John Gillis, 7/2
Dennis McKeehan, 7/04     Chris Boland, 7/6
Charlie Rogers, 7/6     Bill Kort, 7/7
Tom Terry, 7/7     Ron Trachsel, 7/7
Steve Hamadi, 7/9     Ted Higgins, 7/9
Phil Kinney, 7/9     Jan Armstrong, 7/10
Jim Ramsey, 7/14     Rex Newcomer 7/15
Henrik Andersen, 7/16     Terry DeFraties, 7/16
Joan Caulfield, 7/17     David McCaughey, 7/18
Paul William, 7/19     Dan Nenonen, 7/21
Jon Kemper, 7/23     Laurie Mozley, 7/28
Sherri Hahn, 7/30     Joanna Sebelien, 7/31
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Gallery
14 & Main
Kansas City, MO 

Countdown to July 8...
Return to In-Person Meetings!
2 Days

By Tony Andresen
Welcome “Back” to Rotary!
First and foremost, it is a great honor to be elected President of Downtown Rotary Club 13. I promise to do my best to lead the Club in the year ahead!
It will be great to be back live at The Gallery this week, and I hope everyone plans to be there! We have an excellent speaker lined up, Carlos Gomez, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce speaking on Kansas City’s Hispanic Business Community- Its Importance, Growth and Challenges.
This first meeting and our guest speaker actually represent a core goal of mine as President this year. It practically goes without saying that a primary goal of every president every year is membership recruitment, and that’s true again this year.
But beyond just recruitment, I think it is especially important for our Club to focus on increasing its Diversity so our membership represents all Kansas City.
We all know that Rotary is an international organization, and Diversity is a core value of Rotary International. Diversity means embracing differences in culture, thought and perspective, and in doing so we’ll become more relevant and able to address community needs more effectively. Our club will be more attractive to new younger members if we share fellowship and service opportunities with a diverse, inclusive and equitable membership. But, make no mistake, becoming more diverse won’t just happen; I need everyone’s help!
Help me accomplish this goal by actively thinking of who you know, or would like to know. Invite them to our meetings, on service projects, or Rotary After Hours events. Maybe the Satellite Club is a better fit.
What businesses or organizations should be members? More and more businesses are looking for opportunities to get their employees involved in community. Many have Diversity Officers who will help us. Who do you know who can help?
Think of young people you work with or your kids or grandkids or their friends. Lots of research indicates that millennials are looking to get involved. We just need to ask them! Then ask them again!
New people in town? Neighbors, work associates? What a great way to learn about our city! Think of the friendships and fellowship we offer. Membership in Rotary connects people to the community.
Let’s ensure that Rotary is recognized not only for the service it does, but for bringing people from everywhere together!
Yours In Rotary Service,
Tony Andresen

Jul 15, 2021
KC Jazz: Thriving On A Riff
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Upcoming Events
Women and Friends of Rotary
Gram & Dun
Jul 13, 2021
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Board of Directors Meeting
Jul 14, 2021
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Membership Committee Meeting
The Gallery
Jul 15, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Program Committee Meeting
Jul 15, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Bagel Run
Jul 17, 2021
Bagel Run
Jul 24, 2021
Satellite Meeting
Brick House Patio
Jul 27, 2021
5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Heartland Chamber Music Summer Festival
Jul 30, 2021 – Aug 07, 2021
Bagel Run
Jul 31, 2021
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Rotary Youth Camp Update
By Allison Kelly
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Independence Day! The Fourth of July marks about our halfway mark through the summer season. We have seen Family Resource Center of Missouri, Lone Oak 4-H, and Joshua Center so far with Camp Rise being up next! From exotic petting zoos with baby lemurs, a visit from the Monarchs, to inflatable axe throwing, the life-changing experiences just keep coming!