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This Week's Meeting
October 10, 2019
We hope to see you at the Family Picnic this Sunday!
Last Week's Meeting
October 3, 2019
Greeters for the day were the Rotary Book Discussion Group. The meeting commenced with the welcome from JoeBob Lager lead the song, “My Country Tis Of Thee” with the piano played by Carl BolteJoe lead the Pledge followed by a prayer offered by Bob Lager.  
Club anniversaries for the week are George Guastello and Taylor Phipps 1 year.. Duane Benton, 11 years, Randy Wisthoff 15 years, Rusty Macy 17 years and Doug Nelson, 18 years. Barbara Dolci shared information about Brenda Calderon who had visited our club from Chile. Brenda is starting her second English school near Los Angeles, Chile for English and Technology. She is short $5,000 to open and the invitation was given for members to donate to this project if they desire. Checks can be made out to the KC Rotary Club Foundation with the memo:  Chile School.
Our speaker for the meeting was Melissa Koch, Rotary District 6040 Outbound GSE team 2019 Team Leader. She recently took a team to Australia. The trip was in March where they spent 35 days visiting. Adelaide South Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Broken Hill, Kangaroo Island were places they visited with Rotary.  She noted that the whole county of Australia is the size of USA.
District conference was held in Adelaide and it was great to see the international perspective of Rotary. District conference: Braten Hill (mining) 500 people attended Ian Risley (Past RI President) was there. The district raises money by Club fundraisers: Thrift shop, Book store, Art Show, Shed - $194,000 per year.
Before and after the conference they were able to visit Rotaries and see several non profits / charities that were helping people in the country. One major difference between non profits in the US and Australia is that the government picks up most of the expenses for charities in Australia. That is why they are not really considered non profits, but they call them Charities. 
They spent Vocational Days with The Habitat Center (Habitat for Humanity) The “O” project… homelessness out of Chicago and the last week in Alice Springs and the Purple House: Training Aborigines. Western diet is causing diabetes. Elders and people have to go to Adelaide and cannot return home because of travel and diabetes diagnoses. This local clinic keeps people in their own homes. For income, they sell art: Artwork sale brings 75% to the artist and 25% to the store. Rotary foundation funded #GSEstrayastyle: Socialized government, Free university. Work force gap exists because no one enters the work force after high school because they get paid to go to college. A challenge they are working through.
They were able to visit Parliament and visit speakers of the house. They ate Crocodile, Camel, Kangaroo. Culture and art: Footie: football (similar to Rugby) Adelaide oval stadium - Melissa and team are pictured above. No guns – hunt by professional contract which was an interesting discussion with Americans. 
Rotary GSE :  Melissa shared future groups and trips to participate
Inbound Dominican Republic here October 13 – November 10 (need homes)
Dominican republic Ouitbound team – January 26- February 26, 2020
Spring 2020  Outbound trip : Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique  July 10 – Aug. 9
Inbound team from Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique to KC: April 1-29.
Email Melissa if you can help:
Next week’s program: No Meeting – we invite everyone to attend the Rotary Family Picnic & Service celebration at the Youth Camp (22310 NE Colbern Rd. – Lee’s Summit) on Sunday, October 13 from 4 – 9 PM.
We thank Peter Ho for having a Fireside chat activity at his home last week.
Joe thanked everyone for attending.
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**
Rotary Book Discussion Group
Please join us for Rotary Book Discussion Group for the discussion of the book “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate.  The book is available at Rainy Day Books and the discussion will be led by Vivien Jennings.  All Rotarians and guests are welcome.
Event: Rotary Book Discussion Group
Date: Monday, October 21, 2019, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
Location: Rainy Day Books
2706 West 53rd Street
Mission, KS 66205
About the book:
Lisa Wingate takes an almost unthinkable true story in our nation’s history and weaves a tale of enduring power.  That Georgia Tann and her Tennessee Children’s Home Society could actually exist, unraveling the lives countless children, will give you chills.
Memphis, 1939.  Twelve-year-old Rill Foss and her four younger siblings live a magical life aboard their family’s Mississippi River shanty boat.  But when their father must rush their mother to the hospital one stormy night, Rill is left in charge-until strangers arrive in force.  Wrenched from all that is familiar and thrown into a Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage, the Foss children are assured that they will soon be returned to their parents – but they quickly realize the dark truth.  At the mercy of the facility’s real-life director, the cruel Georgia Tann, Rill fights to keep her sisters and brother together.
Aiken, South Carolina, present day.  Born into wealth and privilege, Avery Stafford seems to have it all: a successful career, a handsome fiancé, and a lavish wedding on the horizon.  But when she returns home to help her father weather a health crisis, a chance encounter leaves her with uncomfortable questions and compels her to take a journey through her family’s long-hidden history, on a path that will ultimately lead either to devastation or to redemption.
Opportunity for Giving - English Lab in Chile
Dear Rotary Friends,

In 2018 we hosted the GSE from Chile.  Many developed lasting relationships with the team members and the team leader, Brenda Calderon. We learned that Brenda is a Rotarian of Action!  She is leading her Rotary Club to open a second English Laboratory in a disadvantaged sector outside of Los Angeles, Chile.  Brenda is asking for help from Rotarians in our district who met her. 

Brenda states that, “These children do not have the possibility of having technological knowledge in their curriculum.  The implementation of this project would help them to learn and work with an interactive tool to have a huge impact on achieving the ability to learn a second language.  Learning English is an important tool in the future academic and professional development of disadvantaged students in a vulnerable sector.”

Brenda has developed a financial plan and has pledges for the majority of her $22,235 budget.  However, she is short $5000 from being able to implement the laboratory for the coming school that begins in our spring.  She has reached out to her friends in District 6040 to help her reach her goal.  

If you would like to contribute any amount, please write a check to:
KANSAS CITY ROTARY CLUB FOUNDATION  and indicate on the memo line:

Mail the check to: Rotary Club of Kansas City
                              P.O. Box 412457
                               Kansas City, Missouri 64141

Together, we can be part of developing this educational partnership as we really do make a difference across the world.  

All the best in Rotary Service,
Barbara Dolci
2017-2019 GSE Incoming Chair
Note from District Governor Marc Horner: 
The Group Study Exchange team from Rotary District 4355 in Southern Chile was one of the friendliest teams of Rotarians and Rotaractors we have ever hosted. They did an excellent job of representing their District and their Rotary Clubs. Their leader, Brenda Calderon of the Los Angeles Rotary Club, was so proud of her clubs’s efforts in the area of English language training. They have created another project in this area and they need our help. Please consider contributing to this project. I intend to make a contribution myself.
We meet Thursdays at Noon
The Kill Devil Club
31 E. 14th St.
Kansas City, MO 64105

Contact us:

(816) 842-2322





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Bowling News
by Dick Retrum
Henrik Andersen's team, "Spirit" is in first place. His teammates work for him and are new to Rotary Bowling. Last week they won only two games. That might change there status in the rankings.
Curtis Grimsley rolled another 200 plus game last week. A 225 which was four pins short of matching his high game. Dick Retrum rolled his first high game of the season with a 205. It was a "clean game." All strikes and spares.
     The Roscoe brat party was yummy as usual. Thank you Karl & Kay. Everyone looks forward to gathering at your home for grilled brats and hot German potato salad.

October Birthdays
Jim Ascher  10/2
Linn Mills 10/4
Pat Dunn  10/5
Carl Cleveland  10/7
David Hanzlick  10/7
Yong Kim  10/10
Diane Scott  10/10
Chris Nigro  10/11
John Miller  10/14
Pat Bolin  10/15
Neil Barnett  10/18
Howard Mick  10/21
Karl Roscoe  10/21
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Sherilyn Seitz  10/27
Chip Dickey  10/28
Marc Horner  10/28
Rick Beyer  10/30
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Kate Hoppe  10/31

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