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By President Kara Bennett
Did you know that the last Thursday of the month there will be a calendar on the lunch tables listing all of the activities we are doing in the upcoming month. If you were at lunch Thursday you saw it. It is a great way to keep track of all the things our club is involved with and gives you many opportunities to get involved.
Many thanks to Membership Committee Chair Sally Bibb and members who are organizing the activities. David Hanzlick-First Friday’s, Evie Craig-other membership special events, Lainie Wilbur-Firesides, Jane Lee-Ask the Exec, Matt Meyer-Ramblin Rotarians, Branden Ehlers & Courtney Brooks-Rotary After House and Jared Campbell-Tyro Events.
The Membership Committee meeting is held the 2nd Thursday.
The committee also wanted to continue to attend First Fridays in the Crossroads. We took the summer off due to the heat but, we will be back at it in September. As Rotary reaches out to the people of Kansas City with the People of Action campaign through billboards and KCUR radio announcements, we want to reach out with our presence in the Crossroads.
We will be asking members to volunteer so, if you get an e-mail asking you to help out, I hope you will.
In September Bob Bibb will be playing his guitar at our table. It will be lively and fun!
Get Involved!

Aug 09, 2018
Aug 16, 2018
Watching the Watchmen
Aug 23, 2018
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Upcoming Events
Board of Directors Meeting
Mark One Electric
Aug 08, 2018
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Bagel Run
Aug 11, 2018
Family Picnic at Rotary Youth Camp
Rotary Youth Camp
Aug 12, 2018
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Women of Rotary Pool Party
Evie Craig's Home
Aug 14, 2018
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Bowling League Draft Party
Tim Tholen's Home
Aug 15, 2018 6:00 PM
"REEL" District Training
Aug 18, 2018
Bagel Run
Aug 18, 2018
District Governor Visit Club Luncheon
The Gallery
Aug 23, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Bagel Run
Aug 25, 2018
Rotary After Hours
Aug 28, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
This Week's Meeting
August 2, 2018
This week's speaker is Dr. John H. Modinger, Lt Col, US Air Force (Ret). His topic is "China's Military's Buildup."
Dr. John H. Modinger, Lt Col, US Air Force (Ret)
Hometowns: New Orleans and Covington, LA
Education: PhD, 2008, University of Calgary, Military & Strategic Studies; MA, 1989, University of New Orleans, International Relations; BA, 1988, Tulane University, Political Science; BA, 1988, Tulane University, History
Service & Specialties: Air Force Navigator/Instructor/Evaluator, KC-135 Stratotanker (air refueling) and C-130 Hercules (airlift)
Narrative of assignments:  Commissioned through Air Force ROTC after undergraduate studies at Tulane University (History & Political Science BAs) and a graduate degree in International Relations from the University of New Orleans in 1989, he came on active-duty in Feb 1990.  Following flight school, he began his career in the Strategic Air Command.  After sustained flight operations for the 1st half of his career (12.7 years), he was largely in academia the 2nd half (12.7 years), with many deployments throughout (5 continents).  He completed his doctoral studies in 2008 at the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, in Alberta, Canada.  Lt Col Modinger’s last two assignments while in uniform were as the Deputy Director of Strategy & Policy, Combined Joint Interagency Task Force (CJIATF) 435, Kabul, Afghanistan and Senior Military Faculty member, Department of Military & Strategic Studies, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO.  Upon retirement, in July 2015, he took up residence at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) within the Department of Joint Interagency, and Multinational Operations (DJIMO) where he teaches the curriculum given to all attending officers.  He also serves as course author for electives on China and Civil-Military Relations.
Last Week's Meeting
July 26, 2018
President Kara Bennett called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm. Bob Lager led us in singing “America The Beautiful”.  President Kara then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. Craig Bittner delivered the Invocation.  Mandy introduced this week’s guests who included:  Susan Walker (Carl DiCapo), Patrick Gasser (Leslie Gasser), two visiting Rotarians; Tim Emerson, an assistant governor for our district representing the Waldo/Brookside Club, and George Koepp,  past president of the Raytown Club.
President Kara announced club anniversaries:  Glenn Crawford (2 years),  Charlie Rogers (29 years) and Randy Sisk (20 years). President Kara expressed best wishes for a speedy recovery for several members who have recently had medical procedures but are on the mend; Marc Horner, Jan Armstrong, and Carl Bolte.  Announcements included a reminder about the upcoming Camp Picnic on August 12.  David Hanzlick updated the group on the Membership Committee activities.  David King spotlighted the inimitable Carl DiCapo in the People of Rotary project.
Pat Macdonald introduced this week’s featured speaker, Joy Wheeler, E.D. who is President and CEO of Girl Scouts NW Kansas & Western Missouri. Joy started by showing a video that highlighted the many varied activities that girls and their parents will experience as a Girl Scout, which she noted is a whole lot different when she was a Girl Scout. The Council that Joy represents covers 2 states, 47 counties, 23,000 girls and 9,000 volunteers.  Joy discussed how her 40+ year career in health care helps her view the role of Girl Scouts in our communities.  “Healthy girls become healthy women, healthy women will become healthy mothers, and healthy families is what drives healthy communities.”  Joy discussed the need for more gender balance in our nation including leadership roles. A typical Girl Scout today is a go getter, innovator, risk taker and leader.  Girl Scouts is the largest girl development association in the world covering multiple countries.  Joy presented some research statistics which indicate that girls are falling behind due to three categories; 1) the tremendous shift in ethnic/racial diversity, 2) shifting gender roles (LGBTQ), and 3) the dramatic increase in single parent households and the effect this has on girls.  Joy cited some other alarming stats about our area: 61% of households are living at or below the poverty level, there is a dramatic increase in obesity, cyberbullying, and 23% of girls between 14 and 17 have suicidal considerations. 
Joy expressed that these alarming trends are the reason she is committed to helping girls develop.  A more positive statistic is that 64% of Girl Scouts see themselves as being leaders versus 44% who do not.  Next she spoke about the Girl Scouts leadership program designed to help girls build courage, confidence, and character. She then spoke about the differences in the way that boys and girls learned and develop courage, character and confidence, and how a “girl only” environment provides a safe place for girls to take risks and feel more comfortable in doing so, which aids in their development of these important skills. She also spoke about the devastating impact of social media on defining for girls how they are supposed to be, think, look, etc., which begins to erode a girl’s confidence. 
Joy then presented the Girl Scouts’ STEAM program, committed to helping girls from kindergarten to fifth grade develop STEM skills, then continuing supporting them as they move forward. Girl Scouts has a commitment to move 2.5 million girls into STEM programs by 2025.  She also discussed the importance of Outdoor Activities for girls and the varied programs they have access to, as well as Entrepreneurial skills, and Civic Engagement to help girls use their voices in a positive way, including seeing themselves as elected officials in the future, to affect gender balance.  Joy closed out the program with a video that highlighted many successful and famous women who were Girl Scouts in their young lives.  
President Kara thanked everyone for attending and announced next week’s speaker will be Dr. John Modinger who will discuss “China’s Military Buildup”.  Kara, then adjourned the meeting with this weekly quote:  “Great Minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
**You can watch weekly meetings via Facebook Live at Downtown Kansas City Rotary Club 13.**
Youth Camp Update

The Girls Can Camp session was this week. Their theme was Space! I hope you saw the awesome photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! The girls did crafts, astronaut training activities and slept out under the stars. They were tired but happy as they left.

Kansas City Indian Center will finish out our season this year. They will fill the camp from August 1-5. If you haven’t been to the camp while there are campers here, this is your chance!

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Camp Picnic