We will help Westside CAN provide winter jackets, gloves, hats and a hygiene kit to the men that participate in the Westside CAN Day Labor Program. We have been asked to donate a minimum of 25 gift sets to help them meet their goal of distributing the gifts to some of the day laborers who work in the Program.
Since 2002, the Westside CAN Day Labor Program has provided 60-90 immigrant men access to short-term labor jobs every day, Monday through Saturday. That’s well over 2000 workdays a month. These men work outdoors in the weather performing forming manual labor in our community.
How to donate:
Follow the this link to the signup document. Select your donation and bring it to one of our Rotary Meetings PRIOR on or before December 15th.For the Hygiene kits: please sign up to make a cash donation (and we’ll buy the items in bulk), or sign up for an item that you would like to donate (must be in lots of 25).
Questions: Contact Pete Sotta at 816-678-2226