Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Innocent Magambi to the club to speak about refugees in Africa. He has sent me the following thank you. Additional copies of his book “Refugee for Life” are available at if any of you missed out on the opportunity to get them while we were visiting.
"In my lifetime of living as a refugee first, and later advocating for the rights of those who are still encamped, I have often felt alone. The feeling of trying to attract attention to longstanding injustice in the midst of apparent disinterest, often from people who have made a career in international aid, can be crushing in the long term.
At Rotary I have found compassionate people willing to engage with a situation which is far removed from their home and from their lived experience. I have felt hope that refugees in Malawi need not continue to be ignored, that together we can uplift some of their unnecessary suffering. Please pass my deepest gratitude to all the five Clubs we visited, and let them know that if any member would like to find out more about the vision and plans of Inua, the website is a good starting point. Financial support can be routed through our USA partner Links  and finally offers unique products designed by my wife and handcrafted by artisans living in and around Dzaleka refugee camp, perfect for the upcoming holidays." 
Best regards
Innocent Magambi
Founder & Board member -There Is Hope 
Cell: +265 882 717 995 / 999 950 573