The Board of Directors Meeting was held Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

December's minutes were approved and the Membership changes were reviewed. For approval was one membership transfer for Marc McCarty from the Leawood Rotary Club. There were five terminations: Mehnaz Alam, Jerry Cark, Bob Hovey, Joe Keal, and Thea Neal. These changes were approved. 

During the Treasurer's Report there was discussion of Past Due accounts. The Financial Statement was reviewed. There was discussion of the Venture Fund process and timeliness of getting payments. Randy would like to schedule a Finance Committee Meeting.

During the Membership Update, there was discussion of the Children's Party, Tom & Jerry, etc. with cost versus the number of members attending.

Rotary Youth Camp Report – The final Insurance adjustment from last year’s storm damage is $82,000 in damages. Roofing will be repaired first, then next month there will be new sewage pumps. There have been groups at Camp every weekend during the winter. Dan would like to show the club the new website, videos, etc. at upcoming meetings. The Centennial Campaign. has $360,000 in cash and commitments.

The Holiday Party was reviewed. We were over-budget again this year and the reasons were discussed. Alternatives for next year were also discussed and how to keep it under budget. 
Paul Searcy reported that Greater Kansas City Day will have no support, etc. from the KC Star. Not sure about getting papers. Paul will be meeting the Camp Social Media person Ali, to help with Social Media posts, etc. The Royals are asking for 25% of the money raised to go to Royals Charities, and raising the cost of the flags by 21%. Working to come up with ideas for us to help raise money, not taking money away from us.
The upcoming events were reviewed.