Posted by Denny Bolte
Last Week's Meetings
December 7, 2017

The meeting was opened by President David with the usual perfunctory banalities taking place. As long as I am the appointed scribe on duty, I wont waist your time telling about it.  Usual song, invocation, introducing guests etc. Ten members were recognized for their number of years as a member of Club 13.

We had a banner exchange. Why we give time for this procedure I am not sure. Dan Nenonen, President of the Camp Board told us of three projects that need our attention.  1. A new basketball court 2. A new water playground 3. A new Health and Administration building. Naturally a large amount of money is a part of the equation.

Six new Tyros were introduced---great---no it is better than great. This is a terrific addition.

Other announcements included Bell Ringing, Holiday party, and Shoe and Coat drive.

Now, for the Business Exec of the Year. Tom Van Dyke introduced David Lockton. David is a very good speaker---his power point is one of the best we have had in some time and his story about the origin of the company is quite interesting. The Lockton Insurance Agency is America at its best. His Dad, who I knew, started in his basement and grew to be the number one independent Insurance agency in America.

David paid special tribute to his Brother Jack and to the hires of Mike Frost, Jim Pateidil, and Gary Hambright. David also paid tribute to Bill Frick and his Dad, Bill Frick Senior. All of these names are quite familiar to anyone with a background of insurance and for that reason along with many others, I felt it was an very good meeting and very interesting.

Jack Lockton passed away some years ago. Many people in the industry feel that Jack deserves much of the credit for the success of that agency.

President David closed with FDR's 4 freedoms. A nice touch David. Perhaps we need more of this.

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