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Jul 20, 2017
Read This on Our Anniversary and Read This When I'm Dead
Jul 27, 2017
Critical Thinking and the Future of Industry in KC
Aug 03, 2017
Leadership Summit for Committee Chairs
Aug 31, 2017
Royal's World
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Upcoming Events
No Meeting at Gallery
Jul 13, 2017
Lunch & Learn at Greater KC Community Foundation
Greater KC Community Foundation
Jul 13, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Lunch & Learn at Sheffield Place
Sheffield Place
Jul 13, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
KCRCF Investment Committee
Kill Devil
Jul 20, 2017 11:00 AM
KCRC Foundation Meeting
Kill Devil
Jul 27, 2017
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
No Luncheon Meeting
Aug 03, 2017
Leadership Summit for Committee Chairs
The Gallery
Aug 03, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Kansas City Rotary Club Annual Picnic
Rotary Club Youth Camp
Aug 06, 2017
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

July Birthday Celebrants!
7/1  Brad Kleindl
7/2  John Gillis
7/4  Dennis McKeehan
7/5  Chris Karczewski
7/6  Chris Boland
7/6  Kent Coxe
7/6  Tammy Neros
7/6  Charlie Rogers
7/7  Bill Kort
7/7  Tom Terry
7/7  Ron Trachsel
7/9  Steve Hamadi
7/9  Sara Shaffer-Henry
7/10  Jan Armstrong
7/11  Robin Wells
7/14  Jim Ramsey
7/15  Tom Davidson
7/15  Rex Newcomer
7/16  Henrik Andersen
7/16  Terry DeFraties
7/17  Joan Caulfield
7/17  Ray Doswell
7/18  David McCaughey
7/19  Paul William
7/20  Mike VanBooven
7/21  Shawn McClaren
7/21  Dan Nenonen
7/22  Matt Helle
7/23  Jon Kemper
7/24  Brain Burns
7/28  Henry Leonard
7/28  Laurie Mozley
7/30  Sherri Hahn
7/31  Joanna Sebelien

Shoes for Orphan Souls
Members of Kansas City Rotary Club 13, are you interested in traveling with the Buckner Group and fellow Rotarians to deliver shoes to the children of Guatemala? The trip will take place during Fall 2017. The exact date is to be determined. For further information, please email
Larry Lunsford at or call Linn Mills at 505-402-6630.

Summer Camp 2017
By Laurie Mozley

The Boy Scouts are here this week.  The theme this year is Under the Sea.   They toured the Aquarium downtown and will have a pool party tonight.  They will leave on Thursday and then the Rotaract Camp RISE session begins!  Every group has had nothing but positive and enthusiastic things to say about the new windows and cabin siding!


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The Rotary Club 13 Buzz Saw
This Week's Meeting
This Week's Meeting
July 13, 2017
Lunch & Learn Opportunities at Sheffield Place and Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.
See you back in the Gallery NEXT WEEK!
Last Week's Meeting
Last week's Meeting
June 29, 2017
After President Peter Ho called the meeting to order, Charlie Huffman led us in the "Welcome to Rotary" song written by Carl Bolte, also on the piano, followed by President Peter Ho leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance. John Lawrence provided the Invocation. Jim Porter introduced Matt Helle as a new member.
Dick Retrum reminded us of the Annual Picnic at the Camp on Sunday August 6th starting at 2 pm. NO cost - LOTS of activities.
Peter Ho, outgoing President, introduced the retiring board members: Dr. Chuck Eddy, Rick Crouch, David Hanzlick and Howard Mick and thanked them for their service. Next Peter HO recognized the 2016-2017 Committee Chairs & other Rotarians:
Rotary Youth Camp Assoc. - President Christy Chester
Camp Enterprise - Randy Sisk
GKC Day Steering Committee: Chair - Paul Searcy
KC Rotary Club Foundation-President- Phil Kinney
Club Service
Executive Director - Mandy Sheldon
Entertainment Committee - Dick Retrum
Programs - Steve Burger
Invocation - Dan Doty
Weekly Scribes - David King
Greeting/Meeting Arrangements - Matt Meyer & Bill Mitchell
Music - Bob Lager
Community Service -  Chair - Rita Kelly
Education Excellence - Allen Warne
International Service -  Chair - Brad Kleindl
International Service -  Jan Armstrong
R.I. Foundation/Grants -Tom Davis
Membership - Chair -  Jane Lee
Advisory Board (established in 2016, of our younger Rotarians):
Courtney Brooks, Sara Shaffer Henry, Miles Gill & Travis Soden.
Peter, much like David Letterman, revealed his own Top Ten List of being the 2016-2017 Rotary Club 13 President (#2 was the Chicago Cubs win the World Series).
At that point, Peter passed on the President's Pin to David McCaughey and David presented Peter Ho with the Past President's Pin and gavel plaque recognizing his year of service as the Club 13's President.
David McCaughey,  as  our  2017-2018  President, introduced his new Board: Eric Bubb, Barbara Dolci, George Heymach, Alan Warne, Peter Ho, Patricia Macdonald, Joe Privitera, Tony Andresen  (Secretary Treasurer) and Kara Bennett (President Elect).
David's two GOALS for the upcoming year are SERVICE and FELLOWSHIP. The Rotary definition of Service is making a difference. Through Service activities, usually in smaller groups or group settings, we will more intimately develop fellowship and deeper friendships.
Service is important, if not central, to David as he shared his family's history (through both sets of grandparents) and his own history. After graduating from college in 1983, David joined the U.S. Marines for six years. After David, honorably left the Marine Corps, he later started his company KelCon Technologies, Inc.. KelCon is named after his daughter, Kelby, a South East MO State graduate, now working as an archivist of KU sports at Allen Fieldhouse AND his son, Connor, a junior at Pittsburg State University. One of David's other great passions (besides family and Rotary) is Scouting. David has been a Scout Master since 2008. [David joined Club 13 in 1999.] Forty-two (42) scouts under David have earned their status as Eagle Scouts, including his son Connor. David has been continuously involved with monthly overnight camping and has received several Scouting honors for his Scout Master activities & achievements.
The ending quote of the day was from Benjamin Franklin "Well done is better than well said".
End of meeting.
*You can watch this and other meetings on our You-Tube Channel. Click Below.*
People of Rotary
We are happy to announce the launching of “People of Rotary” on Facebook.
With the help of David King, and possibly more people who enjoy writing, we will be posting articles periodically that will be spotlighting and telling the story of the members of our Club.
Our first “People of Rotary” feature is on Denny Bolte:
We are happy to announce the launching of “People of Rotary” on Facebook.
With the help of David King, and possibly more people who enjoy writing, we will be posting articles periodically that will be spotlighting and telling the story of the members of our Club.
Our first “People of Rotary” feature is on Denny Bolte:
Rotary Leadership Institute
Here’s a unique Rotary Leadership Institute opportunity for District 6040 Rotarians! 
For the first time, Part I of the three-part RLI course will be offered in two different locations on July 29:  In Kirksville (at the Chamber of Commerce offices) and in Liberty (at Second Baptist Church). 
RLI seeks to identify those Rotarians who appear to have the potential for future club leadership (not necessarily as club presidents) and provide a quality education in Rotary knowledge and leadership skills so important in voluntary organizations.
This is a great chance for you to get started in the Rotary Leadership Institute without making the trek to Chillicothe. Get started on joining the 43 District Rotarians who have graduated from RLI and are leading their clubs and making them stronger than ever. 
If you’re interested in club (or District) leadership, RLI is for you!  Register today at  The cost is $50 per session; AND CLUB 13 WILL COVER YOUR COST!  Don’t miss this great leadership opportunity!  Questions?  Contact Jerry Venters, District RLI Coordinator, at
Click HERE to RSVP!